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By Josh Foote
Mine arrived today, one side was cracked when I opened the box, so now I have to see what the company will do to either fix or replace it. If I had to bet, Fed Ex dropped something on it and cracked it.


Here is my son with it.
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Kingpin wrote: January 14th, 2021, 1:43 am Damn, sorry to see that. :(

How was it packaged? Did it seem insubstantial, or that it should've been able to protect it?
The inside corners were wrapped in styrofoam and the sign itself was wrapped in plastic. It was well packaged, but where the crack was in the middle of the packaging, I’d bet someone dropped something heavy right there sometime during transport.

If they included 4 more pieces of styrofoam in the middle Of each side, the sign would of probably made it with no issues.

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