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Due to changes in the United Kingdom, we will be temporarily suspending shipments to the country while we make changes to comply with new laws. This suspension should only last 1-2 weeks and applies to all unshipped orders and new orders. Going forward, we will be required to collect and remit a 20% VAT sales tax on all UK shipments. This will allow customers in the UK to receive their packages quicker and you will no longer be responsible for a customs fee, nor subsequent 'package fees' often charged when receiving your parcels.
The system is now charging VAT for shipments under £135.

Shipments above £135 would still pay VAT upon import.

We are still unable to ship to the UK until our VAT number has been assigned.
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Hi GB fans,

I’m from Jersey Channel Islands. Not the UK
We don’t pay VAT imports am I still waiting for this to be sorted before my order is shipped too???
I've spoken with AJ, and he's confirmed that the delay in your order is down to the VAT issue mentioned in this topic. I wish I could give you more info as to why Jersey's been included but that's all I know. Hopefully we'll see the issue resolved soon.

I previously told Kingpin that Jersey was subject to VAT as well because when I ship to Jersey it automatically defaults to "Great Britain" as the country. I've done a bit of research and see that Jersey is not subject to the VAT as you know.

I will attempt to ship your order and see if it requires me to have a VAT registration number. It may be possible Jersey is now selectable as a country that will not require the VAT number.
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