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By GozerianCodex
Kinda new here. I decided its finally time to build a Proton pack Mark IV from the Ghostbusters TVG. I'm using a spirit halloween pack as the base so it's not a full scale pack. Maybe a little later I'll make a full scale pack but for now this is what I've got.

The paint I used is truck bed liner paint by duplicolor for the metal look and rub n buff wax for metal scratches. Real smc hose connections.

The PDS tank is a kimball midwest oil can painted like the canister.


Input and help greatly appreciated!

And any detail I need?
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By Kingpin
Looking good so far. :)

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By GozerianCodex
[Update] my work area for the current moment. Apology for the not so great images, But I have a place holder for the ribbon cable while I try and make one using napa colored wiring. We'll see how that

Also got my metallic labels from moby sign company on etsy. They look like real metal labels!

I'm also on mobile so sorry for the links again. I will hopefully get my pc fixed soon.
More updates to follow

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By andybrouwer
Looks good! I recently completed a Spirit Pack build myself. What are your plans for the wand, building a new one or retro-fitting the spirit one?

I had some troubles getting some items installed because so much of the things on GB Fans are 100% scaled, but I made it work. Even got the wand lighting and switches installed in a 85% scaled wand.

Can't wait to see the final product, good luck!
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By GozerianCodex
I've come a long way with this project. I started posting on a group on Facebook. Scrapped a lot of custom parts for 3d printed tvg parts. I'm doing a 1:1 scale wand. I'm also using a ninjatunes2001 light kit. It features the TVG game modes. It looks a heck of a lot better now than it did in these photos.

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