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By MassiveDMG
Hey there!

Vinz :vinzclortho: from the Netherlands here. Been lurking for a couple of weeks now, and thought it was time for an introduction. Been working on several Ghostbusters-related projects recently. What really kicked off the Ghostbusters Revival for me was the Doctor Collector New Employee Kit. Holding all those wonderful props in my hand, and thinking back to playing the Rookie in "The Video Game" got me pining for some more GB stuff.

Then I found out Spirit Halloween and Rubies were making close-to-real-life prop replicas that could be turned into some awesome prop replica's with some TLC!

So here's how that all ended up in several projects:

Rubies Proton Pack:
  • Bought and installed Charlesworth Dynamics' Proton Pack kit
  • 3D printed Crank Handle, Resistors, Smoke-able N-Filter cap and other things.
  • Bought ALICE frame.
  • Bought new straps for Kidney Pad.
  • Bought light kit from HobbyKitShop on Etsy.
  • Installed a real Clippard R-331.

Proton Pack Challenges:
  • Light, Sound, Smoke and integration with Spengler Wand.

Rubies Ghost Trap:
  • Got the full Mega kit from CW Dynamics, including the Pedal Kit.
  • Bought "The Knob" and the 2 round front buttons from GBFans store.
  • 3D printed new side-tubes? (the red/aluminium ones).
  • Bought a set of COB LEDs for use in the trap.
  • Bought the light set from HobbyKitShop on Etsy (not really happy with that one).
  • Got the Kangertech T2 and Aquarium Pump from AliExpress, hoping to make a Smoke Machine.

Ghost Trap Challenges:
  • Light, Sound, Smoke and integration with CW Dynamics Pedal & Hoses, door flap motor.

Spengler's Neutrona Wand:
  • Got the "real" Camo tape to 'fix' the handle if need-be
  • Got a real Clippard R-331.

Ecto GogglesEcto Goggles Challenges:
  • Headstrap. Found one on eBay but doesn't ship to the Netherlands.
  • Stickers. Can't seem to find the nice metallic Vinyl ones for sale. Looking for A4 printable paper to print out myself with labels from GBFans forum.
  • Glass/plastic lenses that fit the lenses.
  • Electronics/lights that may improve the cool-factor.

Hope that gives you a bit of insight. Would love to share some pics of the builds so far. I haven't been documenting much, as I far much enjoy the tinkering but you might see some pics pop up now and then.

Thanks for reading!
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