My wife surprised me with a Ben of Kent proton pack kit. If all goes well it will be delivered around my birthday. My question for everyone out there is what would be the best lightand down kit to get for it? I would really like to get something that resemblesthe lights and sound of the video game and I've even seen some videos online where you can get smoke for the N filter and even a kit for the bumper. The n filter and bumper would come later but I would want to get a light and sound check that would have worked with them. I hope I'm not asking too much out of any of you for your advice. Thank you in advance everyone.
If you want TVG light and sound the GBFans kit does that, but you'd need to buy some upgrade kits that forum user (and GBFans kit designer) Spongeface sells, but I think he's been out of stock for a little while.

Ninjatunes' kit has TVG light and sound without any additional parts needed, and also has a "party" mode that you can play your own music and the lights flash in time, if that floats your boat.
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