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We all deal with our own demons. Sometimes they manifest into a Terror Dog, class 5 free roaming vaper(real nasty one too) and some times it's inside us. I delt with it most of my life but in 2020 it exploded and I sought help. Long story short I am better now but use Ghostbusters to bring me back to center. I have been a fan since I was 4 and love the movies, toys, both cartoons and even now doing a modification toa spirit pack.

This is what I do. When I feel anxiety or depression ramp up I will either turn on Ghostbusters (84) or I think about about the scene where the guys are in Jail trying to explain what heck is going on. I think to myself that if these guys can figure out what's going on and get control I can too. This usually works and I feel better.

Dose anyone else use Ghostbusters for something else other than Fandom?
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GB2 has always been a feel good movie for me. Moments like the boys noticing the Statue of Liberty on Ecto-1A's plate definitely makes one believe things could get better. The score is another uplifting element. It's heroic and celebratory. The way it crescendos during the end credits title reprisal always gives me a chill. Glad it's always been there for me when I need cinema therapy.

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