By Ecto96
I had my lights on a few years ago for Halloween, and had been told countless times that amber was okay, and had geeky cops. Well this one fateful day I ran into a young cop that was a complete asshole, no warning, just a ticket, court fees, and court supervision. We were in uniform, on our way to a haunted house to volunteer.

There had been one time I drove across town in summer without realizing the lights were on. Same town, the summer before, and drove past a cop. Both incidents I'm the daylight, but the accidental one, no problem.

There are geek cops out there, but also asshole ones. Pretty much put the plug in the jug being a ghosthead for me, so be warned.

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By cowbybill
This is the bar we have on our Vehicle:
The only time we run the lights, or have them uncovered is if it's on display, or in a parade.
We had one incident where we were on the freeway and the cover came partway off, and got pulled over. Didn't get a ticket just a warning to keep it covered when not at a function.
By 92Ecto
My Ecto 1a Replica is accurate on the lighting, Minus the 2 chrome spot lights on the rear white canister. I run the light bars alot around town, Never any greif, a few people have pulled over, i turn them off at that point. Overall, People Love it, Even the cops...
By DefenderDarko
Yeah, I've found that most cops take a common sense approach. It's just for fun and a guy driving around a big glowing Ghostbusters car has nothing to hide. Most cops just kinda grin at me, here in Texas.

Now, I've been told that amber lights in the DFW area will get you tagged. They're permit only. Oddly enough, all blue lights are permitted in the DFW area for personal when I visit that area for conventions, I plan to clear lense and add in my blue filters.

In Oklahoma, where I also frequent, its illegal to even mount the lightbars. Fortunately, officers are not really told to enforce it because so many contractors, farmers, and offroad hobbyists mount them for legit reasons. They just ask that you not light them on roadways. I bought a lot of my lighting equipment from an officer in Oklahoma and he was totally cool about it.
By SnidderEcto1
Ive had the lightbars on my MagnumEcto1 for about 3 months now.. passesd many of cops, on highways, roads,etc. Never once pulled over, ive had cops take pics of the car because they like it tho.. i leave my lights uncovered too. So in ohio ive talked to a cop here in my city. The blue lights are illegal to USE. but legal to have on ur car.
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By Ectojeff88
Anybody have any incidents more recently?
Considering a fan film down the line with some form of an Ecto to be created.
WA state is very specific blue and red are not allowed on any vehicle other than law or emergency, even white is a no go.
By BRD 527
It would probably be a little pricey unless you can find a good deal but if your planning to keep the lights permanently mounted to the vehicle might want to consider getting a extra set of domes in Amber and switch them to Blue when attending an event or whatever

If your doing a fan film just be sure to notify the local police and let them know what your doing.

I used to work at a railroad museum and one year for our Halloween event myself and another member put Red & Blue light bars on our cars, staged a auto accident on one of our service roads along the tracks and had a half dozen people dressed as zombies wandering around (I was dressed in a full Raccoon City Police uniform (Resident Evil) lol!) We notified local Police and Park Police via email and phone call and went door to door to the half dozen houses near where we were planning to setup to notify everyone what we were doing even tho it was on the museum property which is private property :idea:
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By SpaceBallz
I didn't even bother looking for the blue rotators, I went straight for the LED custom colors and went with green and purple. They still looks pretty awesome, much brighter and use less battery. We only turn them on if we're parked somewhere or during a parade.
By Ghostbuster Kid
At this point (and here in MN) using a 2011 impala as a sort of "shock vehicle", ive found that usually amber and white are the norms. I guess you COULD get reds or blues and get covers, and depending on where you went it could be okay, but I would NEVER run them on the road. Green or purple lights would be interesting because no one uses them, but both colors are technically illegal.

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