Prologic9 wrote: October 17th, 2020, 10:16 pm My bad I wasn't clear, I was talking about the protective foam they put at the top edge to protect their head/neck when leaning back. I'm not sure what to call it, Motherboard Foam?
I completely forgot about that foam! I was so preoccupied with looking for the ALICE foam that I didn't even think to look for the other foam, but you're absolutely right. I don't think there's a name for it like the other parts on the pack, but Motherboard Foam works for me. But looking at the picture of the three guys on the black background, I can't see either foam there, which makes me think all of the promo photos like that were shot during a costume fitting or test or even a specific photoshoot before they actually started filming at all.

Another thing is the red sticker on the top of the pack is blue (or silver, I'm not really sure) on Bill Murray's pack in the New York shoots but not in that promo still (you can see a corner behind his left ear) or one of the others from the same event:
That photo also makes it more clear that neither piece of foam has been put on to the packs yet.
SeaSnoops wrote: October 18th, 2020, 9:36 amAnother thing is the red sticker on the top of the pack is blue (or silver, I'm not really sure) on Bill Murray's pack in the New York shoots but not in that promo still (you can see a corner behind his left ear) or one of the others from the same event
Silver foil reflecting the sky.
SeaSnoops wrote: October 18th, 2020, 9:36 am That photo also makes it more clear that neither piece of foam has been put on to the packs yet.
It also makes it more clear that Bill Murray was forced to tuck is pant legs in at least once during production.
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I wonder if this shoot was when they realized “oh crap we should probably add some padding!” And probably the starting point of Murrays complaints about the packs :lol:
Interesting to look at some of these pics, so it seems that in some instances the red tube at the front was actually practical and had wires running through it seemingly running to the bulb, which is a bit odd as you would think the bulb would have wires on it's base running down the acrylic tube. Funny what hi def pics can show up 35+ years later, things that at the time were virtually impossible to see.
To be honest I can't remember anyone saying the flashbulb wires ran through the base of the acrylic tube, since for many years now thanks to the pics of the surviving hero packs it was clear that these wires run through the red tube instead, then pass through a hole in the ear, then under the front grip, then through the external heatshrink tubing running from the base of the front handle to the thrower body.

But yes you are surely right if you only think about what was visible in the movie and what would have been more rational from a purely engineering point of view.
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By c.fago
There is actually another lower-positioned barrel lighting system whose wires run inside the front handle. I think the need for the flash came later than the original thrower design, when after some tests the optical effects technicians realized they needed a stronger visual reference for the proton beam firing. Maybe that explains this apparently anomalous and extemporaneous wiring solution.
Well, the lower strobing light seems to just be for illuminating the clear tube itself, and wires running through the barrel center for the flash bulb would have interfered with that effect, even if the effect came out a little too subtle on film. The flash bulb for lighting the environment around them momentarily seems to have the greatest impact when you don't even see the barrel, such as the burst of light on Ray's face when he starts firing at Mr. Stay Puft.
The neutrona wands in the film had 2 different ways of illuminating the clear barrel: the flash bulb in the tip as well as 2 xenon strobes within the barrel. The flash bulb was used so the animators knew when to start animating the stream effect. The flashing xenon strobes were to continue the effect of them "firing" through a practical effect. The strobes are controlled through the "intensify" push button while the flash bulb was controlled by the push button on the gun ear with the orange hat light.
c.fago wrote: September 26th, 2020, 6:16 pmImage
Just found this pic I never seen before. It's obviously from GB1 pre-production given the immaculate conditions of the throwers (with black paint on both the barrel collar and the small side knob). You can clearly see there's no cover on the back of the ears but just bare electrical parts.
No belts either on the pack yet
SeaSnoops wrote: October 17th, 2020, 11:03 am
Prologic9 wrote: October 17th, 2020, 6:40 am The S-hooks and Neck foam weren't added until they completed location shooting and went back to CA. They're missing in all of the New York exteriors.
We know that this was the first shot filmed for the movie, and it looks to me like the neck foam is there (but not the s-hooks, which is something I never noticed).

Additionally, I think there's neck foam here too:
I always liked how the newspaper from the middle of the movie has a picture of them from the end of the movie
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I like to think I’m a huge Ghostbusters nerd.

But Jesus, you people put me to shame. Banjo? S Hooks? Ear tape? Heat shrink wrap?

And the framus intersects at the ramustein approximately at the potonostra.

Here’s a question. You know when the guys go all bad ass at Gozer like a Western & Venkman goes “make em hard”? What exactly is happening to the wand there? It looks like they twist it or something? There’s a clear “clicking” sound effect. Obviously it’s a joke, but there’s also a function there. What’s the deal?
I think the action itself, the barrel twist and the acrylic tube extending out is supposed to simulate preparing the thrower to fire. You can see Ray pull the green lever and extend the barrel on his thrower when he steps out of the elevator at the Sedgewick. But obviously in that gozer scene, the twist and extend is all a play on the “make em hard” line.
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I can definitively say that the clear tip is a spring loaded mechanism that is actuated by the green lever located between the rear handle and instrument box. The rotation of the front handle has nothing to do with the extension of the clear tip.
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Just to add something completely unrelated that I spotted...

I might be wrong but it looks to me like the leg hose isn't going up behind the back of the belts like usual but more so up towards the pack?....
After engaging super zoom it looks like Bill's is passed through the O loop opening on the alice frame.

Could there have originally been some pack oriented use for the leg hoses, or them being connected somehow for whatever reason?

Interesting.... :whatever:
This is from the Ghostbuster Ultimate Visual History in the forward done by Dan, he states that the costume people came up with it just in case the any of the Ghostbusters sprung a leak in the course of duty!

I believe those pictures were pre-production shots (please correct me if I'm wrong) so it's likely they just hadn't figured out how they were going mount the hoses or just threw everything on real quick to get the shots.
c.fago wrote: October 11th, 2020, 8:55 pmImage
Just found this other one.
Was browsing this thread for reference since my thrower is supposed to get delivered today and I saw this picture. If the rumor is correct that an actor got shocked by the ear components which is why they covered them I bet I can guess who it was from this picture :lol:

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