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By Ectotainment
Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on a modded Spirit Halloween ghost trap being controlled by Arduino. My goal is to have all the knobs have a function. So far, I have functions for all knobs/switches, but I have one Arduino input/output pin available and could utilize that for one more function/mode. The trap has a polyphonic sound card, neopixel lights inside, a neopixel bar graph, smoke kit and rocker servo to jiggle the axles like the Matty trap.

So far I have:
Tear drop knob: selects 1 of 5 ghosts which change the trap light color and sound fx or random mode.
Right side knob: controls volume
Front knobs:
1 main power
2 toggles smoke kit
3 service mode (opens doors to refill smoke liquid)
4 party mode (disco lights, preloaded songs or bluetooth connectivity)
Rear switch: activates main trap sequence: idle, open, close, bar graph, sparks, full with ghost lights and axel jiggle like Mattel trap.

So for the last pin, I can add a secondary function to one of the front knobs. Here are some ideas I have but I'm looking for some suggestions from the community.

1) Soundtrack mode: overlay the musical score from the movie over the other trap sounds.
2) Ghost escape: after activated the trap would overload/beep then the trap would jiggle the doors open and the ghost escapes .
3) Scare mode: after activated the trap would randomly open with ghost sounds and smoke so you could set it down somewhere idle and have it scare someone.
4) Add movie quotes like: "that wasn't such a chore, now was it?" Etc.

I could possibly integrate a few additional functions with the one pin depending on what state the trap is in. So any suggestions are welcome.

Well... I decided to go with option #1, soundtrack mode, that was my son's suggestion. I ripped some of the soundtrack audio from the video game and created some sound files for each trap state. So as the trap progresses through the states, the music intensifies and is randomized so the same music isn't played each time it goes through the sequence. The last couple days I've just been doing some debugging and I think I have the lights and sounds working as I want them now. Now it's on to configuring the servos to open and jiggle the trap. The sketch and libraries are using 98% of the Arduino's 32,000kb memory so I don't think I can really add anything else. Once I've made some more progress, I'll post some pictures/video.

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