betchasketch wrote: December 17th, 2020, 9:37 pm Hey Count do you think this will all fit in a Spirit PKE body? I am interested in trying this out. I completed your proton pack arduino project and gotta say a big thank you! It wasnt easy but it taught me alot of small things that I didnt know about electronics.
Yes, the spirit pke is quite a bit bigger than the 3d print. I just picked one up a month or two ago as well and have not had a chance to dig into it. Was thinking about replacing the software for it.
Ok awesome, I will have to toy around with it to see what I can figure out. I have most of the items required. Thanks for the reply. If you end up messing with it I would like to see what you do.

So I got everything working and just need to know how I would change the servo to bring the wings higher and lower since the spirit pke is a bigger meter and they only go up just a little bit. I tried messing with the constantval for the servo and it messes with the light sequence by freezing until I return the servo to a different position. Does this make sense?
Hi Count. First of all as anyone who has seen your work would say. WOW top job 😁 I've been building mine using most of your fantastic design here. Thank you, without your help and instruction I would stand no chance. I've got to the stage where it is complete apart from I cannot get the LEDs and beeps to speed up when I find a ghost? The wings go right up but the tone and speed stay the same.
Is there anything you can think of I'm doing wrong. I spent a good 2 hours last night and Arduino is not a language I speak.
Thank you in advance if you get the chance to help.
Mike 😁
That is odd, did you change the code at all? The latest code is here https://github.com/CountDeMonet/Arduino ... _METER.ino

The speed of the beep and display is all handled by the function LEDLoop(int convertedVal) and the same value is sent to that loop as the wing location loop. It then does a pretty typical timer function to determine how fast to update the display/beep based off that value sent in. If the wings are moving properly then the rest should be following.
Thank you so much for your reply, very kind of you to take the time.😁
No I haven't changed the code at all.
Most odd I agree I just don't know why neither do I know how to fix it. I'm sure that's the code I have inputted from github.
I guess if there is nothing obvious you can think of then I'll just pretend there are no spectres in the area 🤣.
So kind of you to try and help me though.
Is there a part of the code I could change to see if any of it alters just to prove a point? For example could I lower the mid point on the arms therefore slowing that section down, actually I could do with lowering the highest point a touch as the servo is trying to push the cables to hard. I can't work out what to alter and I don't want to mess it up.
Thank you again.
Ps sorry to be a pain
no problem

For button 1

line 96, currentVal = 0;, sets everything to it's lowest setting if already at medium. Line 100, currentVal = 40; sets the wings to 40 degrees and the speed of the beep/animation to a medium speed if at 0 or above medium.

For button 2

Line 114, currentVal = 0; again sets everything to it's lowest setting if already at highest setting. Line 118, currentVal = 90; sets everything to the highest setting which is ~90 degree wing spread and as fast as the beeping will go.

The idea was you could boot up the PKE and it would be at it's lowest setting. Then hit the button 1 and it would go to medium, hit button 2 and it would go to high.

If in that high state you hit button 2 again it would drop down to the lowest state. If you hit button 1 instead though it would drop back down to medium.

So using the 2 buttons you can do a bunch of different animations.

Changing the currentVal number to anything between 0-90 in any of the various states will give you the different speeds and wing swings.

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