If your pack already has lights and sound that are activated by the stock wand, you'll have to take the wand apart and relocate the button to somewhere on the pack, otherwise you'll have to choose between the pack for sounds or the Spengler for sounds.

Cut the wires to the spirit wand, cut a slit in the loom, screw in the adapter that came with the spengler wand, and zip tie the loom over the adapter. There are no wires or electronics that connect between the spirit pack and spengler wand. It is a stand alone wand that can't be wired to control the pack.

If you're referring to mounting the wand on the side of the pack, I'd recommend the KLS Ghostbusters vhook kit, you can Google it, I have it and it works nicely. Here is a video of my spirit pack with the Spengler

Thanks--this is pretty much the guidance I needed. It seemed like putting on a new v-hook was easy enough based on a couple of videos I watched, but they didn't make it clear exactly what I'd be doing with the original wand. So far, the pack has the lights and cosmetic upgrades from Spongeface on it already.
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