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By Mercifull
Any more news on this? I gather than you’re based in Taiwan which means that shipping something of this size and fragility is likely to be prohibitively expensive with a high risk of damage. That means that the stl licensing option is likely to be the most realistic route for Europeans. We would then need to source our own local manufacturer to actually print this out.
By azuma
The exchange rate for US dollars is devaluing these days. Here is the current estimation on the price of the kits and shipping. I will post FS thread at CLASSIFIEDS when I sort everything out (like leadtime and other production details) and after becoming a Supporting Member.

Kits is US$775 including the following items and Paypal fee.
Adaptors for GhostLab 42Pack Light Kits
Aluminum Holder for Ribbon Cable
Aluminum Spacers for Bumper and ALICE frame
Aluminum Tube for Vacuum Line
Beam Line Tube
Bellows with Removable Fake Slotted Screw Head for GB2 style
Blue Power Cell Lens
Booster Frame
Booster Plug
Booster Tube
Cyclotron Lens
Filler Tube
Injector Tubes
Ion Arm
Light Reflector Cups
Resistors for Ion Arm

Shipping is US$200 via EMS and packed in double box. I will ask TNT and UPS to see if they have better shipping rate.

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By azuma
I got more precise shipping cost today. Following is the options and price chart. There are more options available for packages to the US, and for some reason EMS is cheaper than airmail ship to US. On-line tracking is not available for Airmail, Land & Sea, and Surface options.

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By Pseudodonn7
I really love this kit but my budget doesn't quite allow for it at this time.

Would you consider offering a barebones version? Maybe with just the shell and the ion arm, the HGA, the PPD, and the adapters for the reflectors and Ghostlab electronics?

Also, one of the reasons I've even considered a 3d printed pack was the ability to easily fix or replace damaged portions of the pack. Those ion arms, bumpers, and N-Filters do take a beating. Would you also be able to offer individual parts in case anything need to be replaced?

And while I love that the N-filter is part of the shell, maybe it also should be detachable much like the ion arm?

Not that my two cents is worth much since I can't afford it. :p
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By roofgoof
I was so excited for this kit as it looks superb and was waiting to buy it, but sadly the price is a bit much where as mentioned other kits are out there for less with similar quality. :sigh:

Maybe this will change in the near future... hint hint lol, as I know this kit has garnered a lot of interest here on the forum.
By azuma
Living on the opposite side of the earth, shipping cost is always a pain to me. It just takes a big part of the total amount whenever I purchase parts, replicas, or costumes from the US and other countries. FYR, if I purchase the shell and MB from GB Fans, the shipping would cost me US$212.8 via priority mail, or US$258.53 via express mail (EMS). Sometimes postage is more expensive than the item itself. For example, the 3/4” loom itself costs US$10, but shipping is US$27.49 via first class mail, so I totally understand the pain when it comes to international shipping...

Other than shipping cost, unlike US sellers, Paypal charges 4.4% + 30 cent for each transaction to sellers in Taiwan, and there is 2.5% fee when withdraw payment from Paypal to the local bank account, and plus recent 3% devalued exchange rate for US dollar since September, these costs really add up the price for the kit.

Selling just the shell is possible; however, the shipping is the same as the whole set, because couriers charge shipping cost by volumetric weight rather than actual weight for package in such size. Replacement parts can be purchased for sure.

If there are enough interests like 5 to 10 sets of the kit, I think I may do a run.

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By SpiderFan2k3
Shot in the dark:

I'm wondering if there is a way for you to find a printer here in the states and have the ordered kits printed and shipped from there? And if it is a commercial printer, they would be far less likely to try and steal your work.

Again, I'm just closing my eyes and lobbing this out there.
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By azuma
Due to big percentage of devaluing of US dollar, and recently increased postage to USA. It makes the price of this kit can't compete with other kits, thous, this project is on-hold.


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