tb-1599 wrote: September 19th, 2018, 10:27 pm
Stryfe21_2 wrote:What kind of coupler is being used to go through the motherboard? I’ve done quite a few searches on the web and I haven’t found any results. What is the coupler called?
Is this what you are talking about?
https://www.amazon.com/WGCD-Adapter-Pig ... d_pd_title
Perfect! I don't even mind buying the pigtails again to get the couplers. Thank you so much!
This is where I'm planning on placing my battery pack. Going to use a metal hinge to hold the battery in place. Then I'm going to cut a hole so that the batteries power switch is exposed. Has anyone else exposed the blue battery packs switch? Or does everyone have a separate switch?

I had gorilla tape to hold the the charge port, but I'm looking for alternatives. Think I might do a tie wrap.

I already cut the hole for the charge port and unfortunately I don't have the steadiest hand with a dremmel and made it crooked and larger than needed. Since I'm a perfectionist, anyone got a solution to making it look like I didn't mess up?

My blue brick is attached to the inside of my mother board. I drilled a finger size hole so I can access the battery switch. I also have an external switch.. This way I can turn the pack off throughout the day. The battery switch is for the end of the day ready to pack up..
Hello, Thank you for the post it is very informative. I have a question, I'm building a pack right now and I am a first timer. What kind of Charging port and Kill switch do I get as shown in the diagram. Any feedback would be most appreciative. Thanks much!
Apologies for thread necromancy but I've been following this diagram and I've been unable to get the external charging port to work.

Whenever I plug in the charger, the light on the AC plug doesn't turn red to indicate charging. The switch on the battery is on and if I plug the charger directly to the female plug on the battery, it turns red to indicate charging.

I'm using the jack socket from this pack here - https://www.amazon.com/WGCD-Adapter-Pig ... d_pd_title


Positive to the short tab which stated in the user reviews and black to the longer tab. I've tried soldering the wires to it and also just wrapping wire around the tabs and heat shrinking it and neither work.

Does anyone have a better plug recommendation or know what I'm doing wrong? I know there's a premade one in the shop but I've been taking this as an opportunity to learn some basic wiring and have all the materials so I'd like to try and do it myself


I tried it with a different portable battery from talentcell and it seems to be charging fine so I believe it's a faulty Blue Brick. I'll be ordering a new one instead. Wish I had tried that sooner :sigh:
Hey all,

I'm a supppper noob at electronics and right now I just have a crude set up for lights on my pack. Luckily there was a sprit proton pack mod someone did on youtube that had clear and easy instructions on how to set up the lights. I followed the steps without fully knowing what everything did and whether it was needed as well.

Anyway after seeing this post I may switch over to the set up here in this thread. Excuse my crude drawing of my setup but can someone critique it and tell me how I can better utilize things especially if I plan to connect a brick type battery pack?


ps. I also plan on connecting my Hasbros Spengler wand to it via a lead connecting from the speaker in the wand to some decent speaker (and amp? if I need it?) in my pack and another lead from the first toggle switch on the wand to activate the lights on my pack. Would I be able to connect the speakers to the same one battery pack? THanks

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