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By Alphagaia
I was actually surprised it wasn't an Afterlife reference, as I think this one should have come out after it and they are both Sony movies.

Thought this was a bit lame. Didn't laugh much. Style was awesome, though!
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By timeware
I was watching ALF on prime and had to post this reference. It's new to me but in this episode Alf has a juice box on the computer table. Ecto Cooler perhaps? Not in this clip, but same episode.

Didn't see this was already posted, delete if you have to. Shows me for not looking back a few pages!
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By deadderek
On the latest episode of the Simpsons, Homer asked about the future of the Ghostbusters movies:
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deadderek wrote: May 11th, 2021, 7:43 am On the latest episode of the Simpsons, Homer asked about the future of the Ghostbusters movies:
Never in my wildest fever dreams did I think I would ever hear Werner Herzog talk about "The Gay Ghostbusters." Wow.
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I couldn't tell if it was a new episode or older episode, but I just saw Impractical Jokers, and Brian Quinn was wearing a full Ghostbusters outfit during a challenge in which they had to fool people with different disguises.

Unfortunately, I can't find the clip, but I found this video where he's basically wearing the same get-up. Certainly not screen accurate with the Spirit pack and welding goggles, but apparently he's a huge ghosthead. Check it out:

The Amazing World of Gumball had another one recently, with an episode called "The Scam." It was Ghostbusters by way of Michael J. Fox's scheme in The Frighteners, with Gumball and Darwin's ghost friend engaging in malevolent-yet-harmless pranks, whereupon they would "catch" her with backpack vacuum cleaners.
So this isn’t related to Afterlife but as I just saw this commercial I was totally expecting the tie in! Those “lasers” coming out of her eyes look veerrryyyyy familiar…
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By JWils23
Thanks for moving that kingpin, I figured it shouldn’t be in the afterlife thread even though I totally expected a no ghost logo to pop up at the end! One thing we do know, whoever made that commercial is probably a GB fan.
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