Don't worry, Kingpin, this project isn't for me... my beautiful wife is already not happy I bought the car. I actually bought a super clean 1962 Duplex last month. And I bought a Jeep in the last few weeks too. But I couldn't stand letting this old girl rot in the woods, so I bought her. I don't really know exactly what my plan is yet, but I was kinda hoping some Ghosthead would take her on as a project and restore her, or possibly part her out to save others. My inbox has been ON FIRE with requests for parts, but I don't really have the time to part her out myself. I think for now I am gonna get her cleaned up and cleaned out, see if the engine is seized, and then I'll make up my mind what I want to do...
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I know nothing about cars, so I really have no idea how far gone this is, but seeing through the windows how the interior is hanging down is spooky af.

Kudos to you for getting it out of there and resolving to pass it on to others, whether as a project car or parted out. It may never roll on the streets again but it may help a bunch of other Ectos hit the road.

    If you can get past the scalpers. Lol.

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