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By AaronKB
Hey all, Aaron here from Kansas City. Just moved here and looking to connect to Ghostbuster brothers and sisters. Grew up watching the first and looking to see the latest...in full gear of course!!!
By Peter Geo
Hey, Pete here grew up watching the first 84 film and was a big fan in the 80’s and 90’s… and now my kids are obsessed with Ghostbusters. Building two proton packs for me and my wife and just wanted to have some people to communicate with.
By Odyssey47
Hi Aaron, I'm Nick and I represent the Kansas City franchise, Midland Empire Ghostbusters. You can message me here or on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Our email is midlandempiregb@gmail.com and our phone number is 816-248-5450. We'd love to have you join us for events and we'll be doing plenty of local showings of Afterlife.
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