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Michael Scott wrote: July 27th, 2021, 1:00 pmAnd what if “Jason Grooberson” was the kid telling Ray he was full of crap?
Given we already know Grooberson was a witness to the 1984 Crossrip and he loves the Ghostbusters, this wouldn't make any sense.
timeware wrote: July 27th, 2021, 5:25 pmAt least with the action figures we know who's going to suit up
more girl GB's!
This Post Contains Spoilers
so unless
the mother and Antman become the keymaster, it will be Janine suiting up more then likely.
This Post Contains Spoilers
I will bet money no Janine and no Dana in jumpsuits.
Michael Scott wrote: July 27th, 2021, 6:22 pm My attempt to unscramble the trailers and Mini Pufts reveal. I edited down the redundant parts and spliced together what fits, though the sequence could be way off. Just one guy’s guess.

Your edit does make it clear that the dinner Grooberson has with Callie is the same day as the mini-Pufts in the grocery store; I wonder if that scream is Callie? She manages to hide or escape and Grooberson doesn't?
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I dunno. Grooberson doesn't seem like the type to ignore something like that. I think if they are developing a relationship Grooberson would drop what he's doing and run after her, instead of checking out the mini pufts. My guess is the ice cream buying takes place after the dinner scene.

It would make sense that the the terror dog is tracking Grooberson and it doesn't turn out to be a whole keymaster, gatekeeper type of thing. For all the terror dog knows is Grooberson was the one who trapped him, or has ties to those that did. I see it as a whole revenge thing.
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Thinking out loud…instead of having Gozer crawl up from the portal, I think it would be even scarier for the kids anyway (if shot in the right way) is if the big statue of her would come alive. Just filmed in a way where it is totally not redundant of 84.

I wonder how Gozer perceives the OGB’s this time around.
Can we just talk for one moment about how a major motion picture in 2021 has a scene with a fully practical puppet ghost? Alot of filmmakers like to talk about how they "love practical effects" but more often than not they usually still default to generic bland CGI. How many years did we have of big budget movies where the alien/monster was some grey bug thing?

It's that laser guided focus on using the old-school filming techniques that makes me really excited. Reitman isn't just making a Ghostbusters sequel, he's making a movie that seems to be a love letter to 80's horror and special effects movies.

Anyway yadda yadda yadda very excited. :cool:
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Went on a movie behind-the-scenes video binge on YouTube the other day and in a video there was some director praising the practical monster suit they were using... then he mentioned the face would be replaced entirely by CGI... then he said the suit would be modified by CGI... then he said the legs would be enchanced by CGI when the suit actor runs.

I thought that seemed like the way it always goes. It's almost like movies build monster suits and miniatures for the "We're old school" press but have no intention of using them. I was so glad when Jason mentioned it was an honest to god practical effect.
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I loved everything about that trailer and Jason's commentary

Felt so great to see Janine cared about Egon all thse years and visited to make sure he was eating and taking care of himself. And he probably named her as the executor of his will, and confided to her about his daughter then maybe Janine managed to track her down in Chicago. And Janine is there at the house when Callie and co. arrive, to turn over the house keys and such. If that's her only scene, well, so be it. It be amusing since she had no scenes with the 4 Ghostbusters until the end of the movie in GB2. I hope she appears more in this movie, she's gotta.

I can see it being a conversation of energy thing when they crossed the streams on the Temple of Gozer, the energy had to go somewhere and perhaps it was shunted to the Summerville mine where it built up for seconds and is only going Chernobyl now. And perhaps Egon figured that out and somehow trapped the Sentinel Terror Dog when it was in its ethereal form (that sounds like a fun story that will be told someday) to disrupt the process and buy time until he could figure out a way to stop the crossrip from happening again. But he passed on. Ah, and there you go, it was the Trap in that floor puzzle. A new Terror Dog. Wow! Omg, and the ethereal form. Erik Burnham got it first when he did so with Tiamat's Terror Birds in Mass Hysteria and showed one possessing Dana with its ethereal form! And then they tweaked the traps to capture them! :D:D:D

Phoebe calling it a station wagon. :D Trevor shrieking with delight! Same as a I watched this trailer.

The P.K.E. Meter out of the drawer sequence right on the part of Ray in the commercial? I feel like it's Ray. After he answers the phone, he goes to wherever - an apartment above the book store, the Firehouse - pulls out the drawer, the P.K.E. Meter is in there. But would it sense the Summerville activity that far away? Or just ambient energy in NY? Yeah. Still an amazing shot.

I was also wondering if that was Egon's ghost moving the lamp. Didn't seem like Callie unless Phoebe or Grooberson was o.s. in that shot. Or he toyed with automated furniture in his lab. lol.

The temple with all the giant Gozerian stautes. :D And a statue of one of the pre-chosen forms happens to be the one seen in GB1. :D

The psychokinetic atmospheric disturbance in the sky was killer looking. And the pink P.K.E. streaks from GB1. Loved that detail!

And man like out of a horror movie, climbing up from hell essentially.

Loved the little touch with keeping the Sentinel Terror Dog kinda clumsy like Vinz Clortho was at Louis's party. Guess they're keeping it as a Wal-Mart after all instead of a re-name like some of us speculated here.

So stoked we got to see the RTV deployed in this trailer!!

But... when Janine showed up... that was still my favorite moment.
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A couple of thing I've noticed that I haven't seen mentioned:


It looks like Phoebe is working in the PKE meter here. It also looks like the handle comes off. You can see, what looks to me like, the handle with the cutout going down the side and the silver buttons on the end closest to her. It makes me wonder if it's not working when she finds it.


Here you can see what looks to be an electrode on the end of the wing, which would be part of the PKE taser function. My theory is that this is what prove was working on I'm my previous screenshot. If I am right, and she did add the taser function, then whoever is holding it is in Summerville. Also looking at the chubbiness of the hand here I think it may be Ray.


This is the new upright terror dog, look at his horns and then look at the figure. Also if you look below him you can see the hood of a car. This, to me, is the car that Grooberson was using to jump start the trap. I think he is successful and the terror dog was in said trap.

If there are now 3 terror dogs, my guess is that this one was one of the last things trapped by Egon. It may even be Ivo Shandor himself.

Those are all just my thoughts though.
timeware wrote: July 27th, 2021, 7:39 pmI dunno. Grooberson doesn't seem like the type to ignore something like that. I think if they are developing a relationship Grooberson would drop what he's doing and run after her, instead of checking out the mini pufts.
When I posted that, I was thinking, "anything can happen between the moment he sees the Pufts and runs out the door," but I see you mean just following up on the scream before going to the blue velvet frosting aisle.
metallijosh wrote: July 27th, 2021, 9:34 pmImage
This image also makes me think of the photo from the original movie that appeared in a couple of books but is not in the movie, of Egon working on the equipment (I think a trap).

EDIT: This one!

Hey guys, at 1:46 on the new trailer, there's an Easter egg to a line either Egon or Ray said in Ghostbusters. If you read the stones in the background, there's the numbers 1 9 (number obstructed by Pheobe) 8 followed by 1 9 4 5. Theres more on the bg, I am assuming 1 9 8 4.

Here's a screen cap

Given what we know based on the canon, as well as the fact that the Gozerians were presumably big on dates, this culminates in confirming some of the leaks we know thus far.

In the jailhouse scene, Egon tells the guys about Shandor deciding to start the apocalypse after the First World War which ended in 1918. At first I assumed it was the line about Tunguska which Ray references after the battle, but that happened in 1909 but Ray misquotes it since the event occurred in 1908.

As for the 1945 date, I know there were leaked set photos of a mining memorial honoring a disaster. This has been confirmed by the appearance of the skeletal miner in the trailer. Given the figures in the Gozerian temple, it might have been a sacrifice of sorts in order to get the ritual going.

Any thoughts thus far?
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My other take away from the trailer is…how theres so much emphasis on how important the ogs were ..through exposition…(them watching youtube videos, etc)

I mean you can show all that through an actual OG..but hes portrayed as just some crazy old man..

And you can have fun with the kids reaction being like..

Kids: that old geezer said he used to be famous for catching ghosts..what a weirdo..

But then they actually see this “geezer” save the world from their eyes.

who knows maybe a scene like thats in the film and jasons just holding out on the meat and good stuff.

This in no way diminishing the film, it looks AWESOME. Im just having a fun critique and speculating what i saw.
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You know what’s impressing me most?

The cinematography. There are some gorgeous shots in this trailer. Like his dad, Jason playing in mostly wide master shots. I love it.

The visuals are terrific. Finally, we see some ghosts that look like Ghostbusters ghosts, muncher looks like the ghost of fat Marlon Brando. I love his look. It totally fits the aesthetic. No too brightly lit scooby doo/Haunted Mansion ghosts here. I’m not seeing a 3rd act CGI fest. It feels humble & character driven.

I’m glad they didn’t play the theme song. Frankly…the theme song isn’t something I need to hear until the end credits. No modern updates. I don’t want Billie Eyelash(or whatever her name is) doing the GB song lol.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Ray’s Occult! I’ve always wanted to spend more time there.

Just please, Jason, don’t make the original cast superfluous. They *need* to have a reason to be in this movie other than “because it’s Ghostbusters”. Venkman especially. Venkman would need one helluva good reason to go halfway across the country at this age to bust some ghost. Knowing how long they shot for, this is my primary concern. That you could remove them from the script and not miss a beat. But I trust Jason. In that trailer commentary he said all the right things. He gets it.

I kinda hope they make Egon’s fatherhood into a joke. Like the only reason he impregnated a woman was for some experiment he & the woman were conducting. There’s just no way Egon ever fell in love.

There should be a joke that all the remaining ghostbusters are sterile from their long term use of the proton packs. The last version of the jumpsuit contains a lead lined jockstrap.

It seems people are LOVING this trailer online. It’s almost the exact opposite to the situation last time. This was a well constructed trailer.

One criticism I am seeing is the “lack of comedy”. But I watched the original 1984 trailer and oddly enough there isn’t a heck of a lot of comedy in that either. They sold it as more of a sci fi high concept epic than a comedy? Plus it’s great to finally have a comedy where the best jokes aren’t all ruined before hand.
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Nearly 24 hours and I realise I haven't posted a reaction, just enjoyed and echo everyone else's thoughts here.

This looks ****ing incredible. Everything I wanted. Jason has got this.

Love Ray's Occult books is featured and still a thing.

I hope it smashes at the box office and call me greedy but I'm already itching for a sequel announcement. Following these characters to college/uni and dealing with a new threat, steered by a creative team who understand the franchise, with all the reverence Jason has of the original's production techniques - this passing the torch and nostalgia movie is perfect, but the future of the franchise and continuing presence of Ghostbusters is the most exciting.
I wonder if we'll get some easter eggs in terms of RGB or Kenner ghosts popping up eg. in a montage sequence. Especially given some of them are featuring in the movie toy lines... in particular Hasbro have released two versions of Bug Eyed Ghost this year, so if anything this is my outside bet on a 'non-canon' or 'extended universe' ghost making a cameo.
Hairy Biker wrote: July 28th, 2021, 5:18 am So with 125 days left to go what do you think the next thing to release will be?
A photo of the kids suited up maybe?

As much as I wanna see the OGBs I'd really love the first sight of them all suited up again to be on screen.
I say bring on the theatrical poster. Not the teaser poster we've had for 2 years.
jonogunn wrote: July 28th, 2021, 5:47 am The kids suited up looks weird with no belt on. I hope by the end of the movie they end up with full on uniforms with leg hoses, belts and all that.

I also hope they are holding back on the toys withDana and/or Janine suited up as Ghostbusters. They deserve it
I hope the exact opposite as I find it to be super cringey/cheesy. If they are suiting up, I kinda like it the way it is. It shows that they found the suits and just kinda threw them on because they were trying to help contain whatever is going on. After they realize they're in over their heads, the OGBs come in their full gear to save the day.

Those characters deserve something like that. There will be plenty of time (If they allow more sequels), for the kids or whoever else takes up the mantle to gear up, make new equipment, etc... In my eyes this movie is meant to fill in the holes from the last 30+ years, give the OGBs a proper sendoff, and hopefully continue the universe/franchise in a positive way without them, or without most of them anyway.
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droidguy1119 wrote: July 27th, 2021, 9:53 pm
timeware wrote: July 27th, 2021, 7:39 pmI dunno. Grooberson doesn't seem like the type to ignore something like that. I think if they are developing a relationship Grooberson would drop what he's doing and run after her, instead of checking out the mini pufts.
When I posted that, I was thinking, "anything can happen between the moment he sees the Pufts and runs out the door," but I see you mean just following up on the scream before going to the blue velvet frosting aisle.
metallijosh wrote: July 27th, 2021, 9:34 pmImage
This image also makes me think of the photo from the original movie that appeared in a couple of books but is not in the movie, of Egon working on the equipment (I think a trap).

EDIT: This one!

I absolutely love this post! It's like she's soldering the connections, and he's testing the voltage of said connections. ❤
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Btw as of 24 hours there are approaching 1M views of the trailer on the Ghostbusters Youtube Channel.

Whilst IGN's upload of the trailer has 2.7million views.

The feedback is overwhelmingly positive compared to the first trailer. I think a lot of the cynicism is melting away with trailer 2.
Alphagaia wrote: July 28th, 2021, 7:14 am So what do we think of this?

Is this a fair portrayal how the regulars are taking in this trailer? I-I hope not.
Highly doubtful.
I don't think a random Twitter poll means anything. Too easily manipulated.

Head to messageboards and comment sections - you'll see the tide turning. Most people didn't know the OG cast have a substantial role, they think it'll be like the GB16 cameos.

I think this will review well in large part because of the human story Jason and Gil will have put at the heart of the movie. Once the final trailer drops and it gets strong buzz we'll see a much more positive box office result than GB16.
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