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So the “passing the torch” idea for GB3 has been around since the mid 1990s. We’ve all seen the new GBs cast wish list: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Adam Sandler, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen etc.

So, if a passing of the torch movie HAD to be done, which comedy stars of any comedic era since GB2 would you pick? So I’m talking anyone from Jim Carrey to Adam Sandler, Chris Farley or David Spade or more recent guys like Kevin Hart or whoever. Any comedic stars since ‘89. Who would you pick?

Basically the question is, whose your dream GB production team if the original cast have to take a back seat & Ivan doesn’t direct?

My dream GB3 cast would be(again if the idea HAD to be a torch passing idea):
Robert Downey Jr
Stephen Colbert
Norm Macdonald and
Dave Chappelle
I’d have made it circa 2007 with Gore Verbinksi as a director. Dan & Harold on script duty & Ivan Producing.

(Also I swear my list just happened to be the 3 white dudes & a black guy thing, it doesn’t have to be that formula).
hmm, i'm not sure, it's hard to cast outside the Second City pool, as that's where GB got it's foundation..i'm gonna be basic and say anyone from SNL 1992-98 :

Chris Farley
Chris Elliot
Molly Shannon
Tracy Morgan
Janeane Garoffalo

i could totally see Phil Hartman as the new Peck/Hardmeyer character in a hypothetical 90's GB3.

i thought the other day, what if maybe Ghostbusters 2 been made a little earlier, like 1987-88, we probably would've gotten GB3 in the 90s, it would've been a different animal and chain of events. a world with no Scrooged but a alternate Ghostbusters 2.

Harold Ramis agrees to do the Super Mario Bros movie, putting Groundhog Day on hold. Ghostbusters 3 is made with zero drama between Ramis and Murray. then in the late 90s, they make Groundhog Day finally off the success of GB3.
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The three Ramis cited would've been perfect...Chris Farley, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller. None of them are too "leading man" for the roles. The GBs can't be the types of guys women would be falling over. They need to be nerds and geeks. So Paul Rudd and Dave Chapelle are out. Siobhan Fallon would have been a good female to add to the team. She can do awkward and geeky well, was underrated on SNL, and has ended up being a great actor in small parts in a lot of films. I definitely agree Phil Hartman could've been the heavy, maybe a J. Jonah Jameson type in the media who trashes the Ghostbusters on TV as frauds. I could see Norm Macdonald as someone who is skeptical of ghosts but then becomes convinced after an encounter. Meg Ryan or Elisabeth Shue as the love interest, but go with Sharon Stone if she needs to get demonically possessed and go dark. Jennifer Tilly could be a great secretary. And if they did go to Scotland, Mike Myers could do the accent and be in charge of the castle there. If they need a Louis-like nerd, David Cross could do it. Admittedly I stole him and Siobhan from Men in Black, but Men in Black was awesome for a reason.

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