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By BigJoeCool
I've loved the whole Ghostbusters thing since I saw the original in the theater at 7 years old. I let life events stop me from doing anything about it but I'm in my mid-40's now and am feeling a need do what I want because I'm probably more than halfway to being an actual ghost. I'm not a rich man but fortune has graced me with a Halloween trip to Miami this year (I live in the frozen tundra of Milwaukee WI) my first uniform is gonna be pretty weak but I want to be ready for that trip. I'm a pretty big and fat dude so am running into some challenges. Basically all I have sofar is a big & tall Halloween Store Uniform and the Rubies proton pack (my 1st mod was adding the green shoulder straps) I'm buying little stuff to add to it but plan to start gradually working on upgrades after this trip.... Thanks for having me. Busting makes me feel good❤️
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By tk1495
Glad to see another big guy on here! Helpful hint that I learned, the belt wont fit you have to get two and then it will be huge on ya!!!

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