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By JediChris1138
I have a question - I've looked around a bit, but I haven't really found a good guide for painting your pack. I recognize there are a lot of ways to do it, but I know there are certain areas that are generally textured. How do you find those? How do you properly mark them off? What's the best texture options? What's most accurate?

Also, I wanted to add a texture to my red lenses - the ROTHCO flashlight used to come with one. I actually contacted them about ordering flashlights with the textures and they said that, as seen in the picture on their site, those textured lenses come with the flashlights.

They do not.
In any case, I'm including a link. Any suggestions as to how I could add a bit of flair to those lenses would also be much appreciated!

Product from manufacturer website with lenses that are NOT included: ... lashlights
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By RedSpecial
The painting process has been quite straight forward until relatively recently so its not something that really got covered indepth

Most folks still just go with primer then Satin black paint on everything right off the bat then maybe a little weathering and call it done but a number of folks in the community in recent years (myself included) have decided to dive a little deeper into it, adding various degrees of and types of texture, imperfections, brush strokes and other tells that the original props had.
It's a bit of a rabbit hole :lol:

The general rule of thumb though for painting alone as far as accuracy is concerned for the original packs is everything is primed with a grey spray primer.

The shell is painted satin black with no metallic weathering, then sanded or scratched in various places to show some of the primer.

The various components that bolt on to the shell and the thrower, if theyre made from aluminium are sprayed satin black then weathered back in places to show the metal.
Or if the components and thrower are resin, parts are either painted silver/chrome, then satin black and weathered back to show some silver paint or painted satin black after primer and weathered using a little silver/chrome paint on some of the edges, etc to simulate a similar look.
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By Q-man
It's just not the pack without the texture that's what brings out all the details. Going from smooth to texture was probably intentional so it reads better on film.
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