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By Soillgbuster
Anyone is southern Illinois area wanting to get together and start a chapter? Me and my brother are working on our packs and hopefully will be done soon.
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By 33rdparanormal
I've got a group in Southern Illinois. My friend and I started down "the dark path" about 20 years ago when we were in high school and broke as hell. Now that we have adult money and our heads mostly screwed on straight, we are finally close to achieving our goal. We have been rocking the uniforms, PKE, and goggles for the last decade. Now we have our packs about 60% complete, and we have purchased a vehicle with the sole intent of making a franchise ectomobile. I'm in Franklin Co and my friend is in Union Co.
By Soillgbuster
Well that's awesome. My bro ilives in benton and I'm in duquoin than I got a friend also now who lives in cambria who just got his suit last night. so we are close. I am wanting to ecto out my jeep also one day lol. We are probably about 40% done with our packs so who knows when they will be done though. Time is a killer.
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By 33rdparanormal
I hear ya there. I got into the hobby at the right time, and the wrong time. When I started, vac-formed shells were the best option for a shell you could buy. So we got a couple of shells and tried to make them work, but we had no skills and it was rough. Then fiberglass shells started popping up, so I trashed the vac formed shells and started over with fiberglass. At the time they were awesome. Life caught up with me and I had to put our builds on the back burner for several years. Then fiberglass shells became the norm and I realized how inaccurate and warped our current shells were, so we started over again. This go around we are going to see completion. We have the skills and the money that we didn't have then, and the parts available on the market today are about as good as they can get. And they are plentiful for the most part, which is also a huge leap for us. Back in the day, we sat on our hands waiting for somebody to do a run of HGA's or Bumpers. Now you can just go buy those whenever you need them as easily as ordering a t-shirt online.

Side note: My friend and I are both originally from Benton.
By Soillgbuster
Well I'm on work comp so that's why ours are taking so long haha. We are actually building game our from wood and adding the electronis and all. I'm gonna use my spengler wand for the neutrona on it. How old are you all? Have you actually registered your group yet? Haha that's a cool patch though. We got to go to the benton comic con last Saturday and that was fun dressing up for. I can't wait for Indiana comic con. I think I'm going to be able to go but not sure it's my anniversary week. Lol
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By 33rdparanormal
We are both 38. We did register our group way back when Ghostbusters International was really active and kept track of all of that. Back in the days before Facebook. Overtime GBI kind of stopped being the hub for all of the different franchise websites and everybody has a FB page now. We really haven't kept on top of it in a long time. Haven't really seen the point TBH. We didn't register with Ghostcorp back in 2016 either.
By Soillgbuster
This is an expensive thing to get hooked on lol. I'm 39 and my bro is 35. I wanted to get in a group or start one to do things in the community and things. It seems fun and cool lol.
By Soillgbuster
Been awhile, but I have joined the Gateway Ghostbusters out of St. Louis, great people. I think I met one of you at walmart today had a GB hat and black jacket on.
By navarre1095
I'm originally from Mt. Vernon and my wife is from Sesser. I was rollin' through Akin one day and saw a 4WD "Redneckto-4x4" sitting across from the school. Does that belong to a member here?
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