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By BatDan
the first time we hear the song it's the original Jackie Wilson version.

the 2nd time we hear the song, it's this "acapella" type-remix of the Howard Huntsberry version on the soundtrack, has this version ever become available? i tried searching for it on youtube and discogs, it seems to only exist in the film?

any clarification from my fellow Ghostheads would be awesome.
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By Kingpin
As far as I'm aware the film's remix of Higher and Higher has never been released, which is not uncommon for film recuts of music. Some people have been able to rip unreleased music from the audio tracks of films, but it depends on how the audio layers have been embedded, and if they've got the sound effect track mixed in with them.

It'd be nice to have a copy of it though.
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By obiwanjabroni
After trudging through some posts on FB, a very kind Buster shared a version of this with me. It is edited with audio from the film, but mixed well with the original track. All in all, it may be the closest we get.

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