Hello, I had a few questions and if anyone has the answers to them it is here.

Currently, I have already gotten my pack ready to do a spirit Halloween and Spangler wand mix and not looking to make it look too amazing but some light upgrades and mount the gun

I currently will be using the Spirit Pack I have already removed the gun and managed to make a way to connect the spangler wand already

I currently will be using this light kit:
LED Lights Upgrade Kit for your Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Deluxe Proton Pack
https://www.ebay.com/itm/194246626604?s ... 2749.l2649

I wanted to know can If I can wire the kit directly to the wand, as I am ok with the sound for now coming out the wand as I will be upgrading later when more parts become available but this was all was able to get my hands on and get so if anyone know the best method to make this work I'd love some suggestions.

I know I'll have to wire and solder a few components but any suggestions and images of what to connect will help thanks .

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