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By tobycj
Bloodvayne wrote: September 23rd, 2021, 7:34 am Any leads on that left front mounted device? I keep google photo browsing Gun/Helmet/Mask/Rail/POV mounted Camera's as the milling on the body comes close to some things I find. And I would like to think Podcast would have a POV view maybe somehow tied into the Goggles while driving the RTV from inside the Ecto.

As far as the flashlight goes. I am still certain it is a helmet mounted light, seeing as though they come from a "mining" town. As I guess you could say the grip bands/milling (not sure of actual lingo) on the flighlight bulb housing are wide for glove usage. But still can't find an accurate representation.

Great progress so far man!
They definitely 3D printed a few things for the props, so entirely possible these are custom designed 3D printed parts. Certainly not seen anyone ID them yet anyway.
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By drsyn71
So... I went the el-cheapo and easy route. I used a Spirit Halloween trap and a $20 R/C truck from Wal-Mart. I took the truck top off and the "chrome" exhaust. I left everything else as-is. I popped the wheels off the trap. I cut a crude rectangle hole in the bottom of the trap to go over the R/C units battery pack. I sat the trap down onto the R/C body. I used the existing mounting holes on the R/C body and zip tied the trap to it. I had to drill 4 little holes-2 on each side of the trap and ran the zip ties thru the side, down through the rectangle hole and into the mounting holes on the R/C body. I KNOW it's not canon and looks nothing like the one in the movie, but it was fun, cheap and quick to do. Not to mention I have fun with it out in the road.



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By drsyn71
So I added a light. A cheapie LED deal. It was a freebie. It had a Pennzoil logo on it. I covered it with red electrical tape. I hot glue-gunned it to the top corner and made sure the trap doors could open fine. Talk about low-tech. I love it.

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By drsyn71
Thanks. I went into Walmart with some measurements of the trap base. I started looking at the the R/C stuff they had and measuring it. I could have went with a bigger, more powerful and more expensive truck, but this one seemed right. Plus I like the wheels and tires. It's a little under-powered for the weight of the trap, but it does OK. I could go and spend a lot of time and effort cutting stuff out in and under the bottom of the trap to take off some weight, but I'm not going to. I like that I can just snip the 4 zip ties, pop the wheels back on the trap and revert back to the old trap minus the R/C body.
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By Grymlock
Thanks for all that you've shared thus far Far451! ^_^
My platform arrived in the mail today; I went with 2wd to hopefully simplify the build a bit. The Arrma Voltage has a midship motor and a center mounted steering servo so I think it should do the trick. Gotta shorten the chassis once my Spirit ghost trap arrives in a few days and I can measure it out.

I think I have to replace the esc so I can hook up my own receiver; the installed one is an AIO and I need more channels for all the lights and door servos.

Can't wait to get rolling! ^_^
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By Grymlock
Progress on my guy ^_^ Took the Arrma out for a rip; it's fast and stable! Added the big RTV wheels and now even more so. Walmart trap came in so I tossed it on top just for giggles and then set about chopping off 7.5cm off the 28.5cm wheelbase. Waiting for the epoxy to dry and then it's time to start fitting the trap. :-)

I also found this smoke generator specifically for RC cars... for $27 off of eBay, thought I'd give it a shot since it runs directly off of the main batt balance lead and plugs straight into a PWM port on my FrSky receiver.


I'll let you know how it goes!

Far451, how were you thinking of handling lights and sound? I'm very new to the FX side of things so looking for any pointers on how I can maybe get it running in sequence with a flick of a switch on my transmitter. ^_^
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By Far451
I recently moved and am still unpacking, so the progress was slow for a bit.

Nice work Grymloc!

To answer your question about the inner workings, I plan on using a the same smoke setup I used in my ghost traps, Kangertech K2 cartomizer with a small suction motor. ( You can run them on 5v and the smoke is obscene!)
Although you can run things from the remote control, I plan on doing a combo, the remote is the trigger, and the arduino processor takes care of the details. (A Nano is a good size and has lots of ports)
The suction motor should run longer than the cartomizer in order to clear out the tubing, there is a maximum length of time I would run the cartomizer to avoid overheating. In the past I used Neopixel programmable LEDs for the light show, the nice part about that is they are RGB so you can make any colour you'd like.( all with the Arduino in control)

I think the doors will be run by 2 or 4 tiny 9g servos (haven figured that out yet- still waiting for parts). I find the arduino processor can give you very accurate end states for opening or closing (one closes slightly before the other so they don't jam) and can do things like make the doors look like a ghost is pushing them from the inside "bump the doors". It can also run the little MP3 players that I may use.
I'm not sure about the sound yet, since the trap is for outside, getting the right volume could be an issue.

I'm still looking into the light show, a mixture of laser and Neopixel LED is what I've been toying with, and a fan to blow the smoke up and out of the trap. ( The fan has a mirror on it to reflect the laser in a cone shape.) The whole light show is still very much a work in progress, my first 3 attempts were not what I wanted. I'm all ears if anyone has Ideas!

I should have my shop setup this week and I'll be back into it.

Thanks for the update Grymloc! Please keep them coming, all ideas are helpful. :)
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By danimal
I started with a 1:12 RC 2wd off amazon due to the needed wheelbase for Spirit and Walmart trap sizing...

Then added the correct wheel/tire set... I opened the trap and move the electronics out while trimming about an inch off the trap bottoms to get the right stance on the RTV, while still being able to remount and use the electronics.
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By juanitospringer
Is it possible to buy or get the trap files from you? I'm CADding up the hubs and tires myself as we have perfect profile pics so it should be a quick thing to crank out as I've designed and printed RC tires and hubs before in TPU and PETG. I suppose I could make molds for them if it comes to that. Definitely want to put an ultrasonic fogger, esp8266 arduino, and a wifi cam in this. So it can be driven over the internet fpv style with the Blynk or some other arduino app. If I could use your files it would save me massive time.
By Grymlock
Welp, more progress :-) Cut the spirit trap up to get it to fit the chassis; not looking too shabby! Using 4.3g emax servos for the doors and hooked up the leds and fog machine. Connected to my Radiomaster TX16s on an 8ch receiver. Got two more channels which I'm going to get a PWM switch for so I can trigger the original lights and sound. Still got a ways to go before final paint. Ooh, need to print out the headlight mount as well. ^_^

https://instagram.com/stories/grymlock1 ... =copy_link
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By Grymlock
dav59300 wrote:Grymlock I like your set up and just bought a spirit trap to try the job. Is there any way to see more pictures of your build and the exact model of rc car you bought please ?
Hey Dav59300! Thank you so much! My trap's currently drying from the spray paint but once I get it re-assembled, I'll throw up some more pics!

I'm a pretty avid RC drone/fixed wing pilot so I'm approaching this project with that knowledge... The parts below are basically anything that I could plug into the ports on the 8ch receiver and then I use my transmitter to mix and program how they fire off in sequence. I wish I had more coding experience so I could integrate an arduino type setup, but perhaps in the future :-D

Here's my current list of parts that I'm using:

Spirit Ghost Trap (I had ordered both this one and the Walmart one and opted to keep the Walmart one intact even though it was cheaper, since it had the foot pedal functionality). :-D

RC car - Arrma Granite Voltage Mega 2wd (I chose this one because not only is it 2wd so I don't have to muck with a driveshaft, it also has a midship mounted brushed motor. The chassis was very easy to shorten, but the one issue it does have is that it has an AIO esc/receiver combo which makes adding additional channels to drive things like lights/sound/smoke/servos impossible with the included set up. The included steering servo is also a 5-wire setup... I don't know why. I did order a new servo and esc though for a reasonable price and it runs great :-D)
https://smile.amazon.com/ARRMA-RC-Monst ... RydWU&th=1

Hobbywing Quickrun WP 1080 brushed (2-3s) ESC
https://smile.amazon.com/Hobbywing-Elec ... 668&sr=8-3

Zoskay RC servo
https://smile.amazon.com/ZOSKAY-Waterpr ... 96&sr=8-24

VQRTKS 4-pack 12mm to 17mm Wheel Extension Hex Drive Hub Adapter 30mm offset
https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08 ... =UTF8&th=1

2x Goolsky 2Pcs Austar AX-3011 155mm 1/8 Monster Truck Tires
https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B06 ... UTF8&psc=1

Frsky 8ch receiver (this pairs with my rc planes/drones transmitter)
https://www.amazon.com/FrSky-Taranis-Co ... 065&sr=8-5

Radiomaster TX16s (I already had this for my other rc aircraft but there are more inexpensive options that I can help you find as well ^_^)
https://www.racedayquads.com/products/r ... 99f2&_ss=r

1/10 RC Car Electronic Simulation Smoking Exhaust Pipe with smoke oil

RC LED Light Bar for RC car
https://smile.amazon.com/Headlight-Comp ... r=8-6&th=1

Hosim 9125 Battery 2000mah Lipo (I needed a new battery to fit the compartment in the shortened chassis. The included 1800mah NIMH was too long. This lipo battery fits the compartment great with room to spare and actually is a larger capacity. I think I might order a second one and see if two will fit and I can run them in parallel to double the capacity. )
https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07 ... UTF8&psc=1

Miscellaneous bits and bobs - screw caps, 3d printed parts, paint, etc.

This is the Arrma granite with the chassis shortened and the new esc, servo, receiver. The new lipo battery sits in the original smaller battery compartment easily. I was even able to preserve the snap shut door :-D
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