For users in: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont.
By Chris Weitzel
I liked you guys on Facebook. I'm not on there much these days but, we'll see if our paths cross.

I don't currently have any supplies for pack building. I'm the "save up for everything" kind of guy and have my eyes on a particular pack shell which is not of the frugal variety.
By k3ymast3r
Hey guys just found this forum, I think its great, I live in bristol and wouldnt mind joining you guys, looking to start a proton pack build


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By FairFaxFelix
Hey all.

So I have my Last Name Patch, No Ghost Patch, and a 48L Nomex CWU 27P Tan on their way. BUT, I wondering if I ordered the wrong size do to my neck size.

My Sizing:
Chest - 47 inches
Hips - 48 inches
Sleeve Inseam - 21 inches
Leg Inseam - 28 Inches

My Neck is 18 Inches, Should I had gotten a 50L?
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By Higgs1
Neck shouldn't be a huge issue as you don't need to zip the suit all the way up.

I'm curious why u went with the long though if your leg inseam is only 28".

The long measurements are

48 Long
Chest- 26 3/8"
Hip- 27 1/2"
Sleeve Inseam- 25"
Leg Inseam- 33"

Regular are

48 Regular
Chest- 26 3/8"
Hip- 27 1/2"
Sleeve Inseam- 23 1/2"
Leg Inseam- 31"

And short are

48 Short
Chest- 26 3/8"
Hip- 27 3/8"
Sleeve Inseam- 22"
Leg Inseam- 29"
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By Higgs1
I'm 6'4" and wear a 46L and it fits me perfectly.

Since you've already ordered it it'll make no difference now. Get it try it on and if it's too tight / long or what have you, just send it back for a better fitting suit. It's the main portion of the uniform so just make sure you are comfortable in it and that it fits right and you'll be golden.

Keep us up to date on how it works out.
By FairFaxFelix
PssdffJay wrote:I have a 47" chest (when filled with air) and my 48L Nomex fits great. I have long legs and went with the long but I'm only 5'11" and I just tuck the legs in my boots.
Ok Cool. Thank-You. I was getting worried for a bit there.
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By Higgs1
FusionMetal wrote:Hello. I'm Collin Murphy and would like to join the Connecticut ghostbusters. I'm going to be 16 in January, and made 2 homemade proton packs.
Hey Collin, at this time we are only accepting members that are 18+ due to the nature of the work we do in the shop, we'd love to have you in a couple years, keep on building and reach out to us on Facebook if you need any help!
By gdonovan
Higgs1 wrote:Hey, no we aren't going to the con this weekend, our next event will be Hartford ComicConn on September 24th-25th at the XL Center!
Was an incredible turn out, I might go again tomorrow!
By gdonovan

The event at the casino was great and I hope they have it again next year. It was nice bumping into a fellow "Ghostbuster" Tom from Rhode Island who also has a scratch built pack. We compared notes in between photo "sessions" people were lined up to get their pictures taken with us. It was the craziest thing I have ever experienced. I don't think I stood still for longer than 30 seconds before being asked to pose for another shot.

Even when we were packing up in the parking garage I had 2 kids run over to check out the pack and get pictures taken and tiredly (but in good nature of course) donned the pack one more time. I really need to get started on that lightweight all aluminum pack one of these days..

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By Higgs1
Glad you had a great time! It's always awesome to have people stop and ask for pictures, really get a good appreciation of the work and time we've put in on our equipment / uniforms.

We here at the CT Ghostbusters are always looking for new members, so if anyone sees our page and is interested in joining in, please reach out to us here, via PM, or on our Facebook page:


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