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I don’t think Afterlife was a particularly good send off for the OGB’s - it felt more like a meta SNL skit with them riffing off old scenes and lines - which is why even Venkman’s closing scene was very poor - and they had no real arcs and weren’t fleshed out with a coherent back story, but I’m sure Jason did the best anyone could with their limited availability.

Let’s move past them and focus on world-building with new characters.
BatDan wrote: November 30th, 2021, 3:41 am I dont believe the OGs are done for good. With the deals that seem to be brewing right now..you need the iconic faces to be there.
Perhaps not done for good entirely, but they would more likely become deuteragonists for the next generation.
BatDan wrote: November 30th, 2021, 3:41 am If winston is re-opening the firehouse. At least him and Ray need to be around to guide the next staff.
This makes sense; especially with the remaining retired OGB's (Ray and Winston) as deuteragonists; they would be positioned in mentorship roles like with Egon in EGB.
I'd like to see Janosz dealing with PTSD after his encounter with Vigo.
He has visions of the tirant giving him order from every paint he sees.
He tries to get rid of him with black magic thus opening a portal to something nastier.

Janosz finally goes to the Ghostbusters for help.

The final act is something epic: an army of demons taking over New York, and a really large team of Ghostbusters dealing with the problem from various points of the city.
I may be in the minority here, but I really don't want another movie, at least, not in short order.

We waited from 1989 to 2009 to get Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which was a great spiritual successor to the original movies, and even included references to The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, and even the Return of the Ghostbusters fan movie.

We waited seven more years to get Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, which received mixed reviews at best, and generally speaking, was not well-received and stirred up way more controversy than it deserved.

We get to 2020/2021 and get Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which is clearly both a love letter to fans and brings a unique take on the original GB universe. It isn't a perfect movie, but damn it, it pressed all the right buttons at all the right times. I will go so far as to say I like it better than GB 2, just because it isn't a complete cookie-cutter rehash. Yes, Gozer and the terror dogs are there so some elements remain the same, but it is not a point-for-point copy of the first movie like GB 2 was.

What is the point that I am driving at here? It took 20 years to go from GB 2 to the video game. Pretending that 2016 didn't happen, it took another 11-12 years to get a decent Ghostbusters film in theaters. Even that only happened in part because Harold Ramis died and became the lynchpin of the emotional underpinnings of the movie.

Do we really want Sony to see the success in this movie and then attempt to re-hash another story? Yes, we as fans have plenty of ideas where the franchise could go, possibly in a successful way. However, we are talking about the Sony Hollywood Machine.

My greatest fear is that Ghostbusters will just become another Jurassic World or Star Wars trilogy. What I don't want to see is another Ghostbusters 2016, or if I am being honest, even another Ghostbusters 2.

Instead of a movie, do you know what might be a cool idea? What about something like a live-action version of The Real Ghostbusters/Extreme Ghostbusters? The Mandalorian proved that technology can be used to achieve some amazing things with live-action and visual effects. Arguably some of the best Ghostbusters villains are part of the cartoon universe. Samhein, the Boogy Man, and heck considering we are moving forward in time we could add tropes like The Slender Man and things like that. Make them one-hour episodic things on Netflix or another streaming service. Winston runs the company and works with the newer recruits, Ray and Venkman show up every now and then, and Janine returns as a hard-nosed but also the occasional voice of reason and concern character. After all, she is a bit older so, probably mellowed out a little. Maybe Slimer comes back, but wouldn't be a central figure like the cartoon series. More like a pet, which occasionally trips up a baddie when he comes on missions.

In my opinion that would be a much better bet than trying to do another movie, just because there is so much more material, and if done right, there can be enough continuity between episodes for character growth and build-ups to occasional bigger battles. There would also be a gradual evolution in the available Ghostbusting equipment, etc.
A sequel that I'd like to see would be something like Dan's original script, it took place in the future and being a Ghostbuster was a normal job, they travelled through dimensions and the ghosts looked creepier, they changed the script because it would've been hard to make but they could do that with better special effects right now. When they changed the script of the first movie it was supposed to be the story of how that business started, it could be a TV show like Real or Extreme Ghostbusters but in live action.
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After watching a bunch of the Marvel series like Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, and now Hawkeye I would love a mini series. The Marvel series I have mentioned includes characters I am not too fond of but the stories have been very interesting.

A mini series gives them time to flesh out the characters and who doesn't want more than 2 hours of Ghostbusters.
Styrofoam_Guy wrote: December 2nd, 2021, 10:59 pm After watching a bunch of the Marvel series like Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, and now Hawkeye I would love a mini series. The Marvel series I have mentioned includes characters I am not too fond of but the stories have been very interesting.
I think that's my preferred outcome as well. Afterlife's modest success will no doubt impact what any future projects might look like. For instance while I like the Ecto returning to the firehouse under Winston's care, I can't see Sony spending the money on a big sequel set in the city with lots of effects work.

Perhaps a smaller series would work, they could technically set it in the city but have a bigger focus on dialogue, indoor scenes, more comedy, etc.. Or something set in Summerville with Phoebe and Podcast developing their own tech with Winston's funding? I'm excited by the possibilities, but I don't think there's any going back to the scale of the first two movies. And I'd be happy to leave the movies as a trilogy.
I'd love to see the X-Files formula applied to a Ghostbusters TV series: overarching mystery, monster of the week, the occasional goofy episode. Do one season a year. Make a movie every 3 years. Plenty of story-telling time to follow the Zeddemore corporation, aka Ghostbusters International. Make the Vigo story a double episode. This is the golden age of high-end, big budget TV series. Let Ghostbusters have its share.
I personally feel like Afterlife is the Ghostbusters movie that I have waited for. Sure, a lot of people are saying that they shouldn't have brought back Gozer and the Terror Dogs but let's face it, you don't have one without the other.
- In 1984, Gozer never went into a ghost trap, she simply was blasted back into her dimension/portal.
- Ivo Shandor has built multiple gateways for Gozer to enter through.
- In Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Shandor explains that he wanted to become a God because Gozer was too weak to take care of the Ghostbusters.... Which explains why he is immediately ripped in half when Gozer sees him again in Afterlife.
- 2021, Gozer, although a bit more powerful than she used to be, finally ends up in a Ghost trap.

The story that many of us grew up on has finally come to an end and we finally have a proper goodbye for Egon while being able to hopefully see what is next. I hope that Phoebe, Trevor, Callie, and Mr. Brooberson will return. I also hope to see Mr. Grooberson in a proton pack. I really don't see the originals doing much at this point except for running the business and expanding franchises on an executive level. The torch has been passed. I feel like revisiting Vigo would really send things backward and right now, things finally barely got going forward in a beautiful way. I absolutely love Ghostbusters Afterlife and can not wait for the blu ray to release so that it is in my collection on day one, but moving forward, I think Vigo needs to stay in the painting or whatever dimension he is in. The Real Ghostbusters had 140 something episodes and didn't really have to borrow much from the movies. It's time for new stories and ghosts.
How about a new movie based in today's time where the Extreme Ghostbusters had already taken place. The team from Extreme Ghostbusters finds out about Egon's passing and decides to show up at the firehouse to pay respects where they end up running into Winston and Ray as well as Callie, Grooberson, Phoebe, and Trevor. I would say Podcast and Lucky but seeing how they aren't a part of the "little family" the only way I would see them in New York is if the townspeople of Summerville vanished during the Gozer incident and those two got adopted by Janine or Winston. I mean you literally don't see any cops or ambulance or anything like that when everything hits the fan and the Ecto-1 and equipment is regained from the police impound.
But if the characters from Extreme Ghostbusters were introduced then the life they had with Egon at the university would be in the past and they would be older. Also, I think it would be great to bring in some sort of demon/Ghost who possesses Eduardo's uncle, who can be someone played by Danny Trejo because I think that would be awesome.
If they aren't including Extreme as Canon they won't just have the EGB's just show up out of the blue like that. While i'm not opposed to the idea if Egon just up and left the way he did, he would have never become a Professor at the University. There's a way to bring them in, they wouldn't have known Egon at all.

I can see Winston bringing back the company if the paranormal activity picks up or having the Extremes as a competing ghosthunting group.
GBDRE760 wrote: December 8th, 2021, 6:13 pm - In Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Shandor explains that he wanted to become a God because Gozer was too weak to take care of the Ghostbusters.... Which explains why he is immediately ripped in half when Gozer sees him again in Afterlife.

There are too many things in this movie that make the game no longer canon. Gozer kills shador as he's nothing but a pawn who got put to use to open a portal, nothing more. Once the portal is open there is no need for him anymore.
Some nice ideas here. I also would prefer a series with a new crew which has the OG's show up and assist here and there and run the business while finally making some money and maybe we can have episodes where we learn about their families too. There's some potential and I don't think the OG's will mind throwing the suits on here and there, just maybe not the packs...would love to see Ray using the gunner chair while Winston drove and Peter did some lines out the window though.

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