HI, where did you get the image? I have been trying to get a higher resolution image from the only video I could find and it isn't anywhere near the quality of the image you posted.
The part I can't see well is where the rear shock attaches to the aluminum side plate. This is what I can get:


BTW I ordered and have the wheels, they are perfect with 30mm extenders: I did have to shorten the R/C car chassis 75mm though.
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I was told by a youtuber that the pictures of the RTV are from a Sony Ghostbusters app in the equipment section. So I have more pictures to share!

It does show some more details that I just could not see before.
1- The doors have solid actuators at both the front and rear of the doors, at the midway point of the door.This is honestly a smart and simple way of making them work. I had planned on doing it this way but hidden, now I don't have to hide!
2- The shocks are all black, are both short (usually a rear shock is bigger) and look very much like Traxxas big bore aluminum shocks. Well, I just took a sharpie to my grey shock and it looks just fine!
3- The shock springs are red. ( Traxxas does sell this color) So I spray painted mine...
4- There appears to be a clear LED where the bargraph used to be. It's off to the side.
5- the handle has a screw in the side of the support
6- the second "flashlight" has what appears to be 2 grub screws holding the flashlight in. The other side does not have this.


here is the sharpie drawn on and painted spring shock: ( The front end -so far- is in this picture too)

of interest is the regular trap that has better details of the clear LED and door opening mechanism:
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Hi Grymlock,

I've been documenting the build here: viewtopic.php?p=4955008#p4955008
The Traxxas platform I used is a Stampede 4x4 (Not the regular stampede, it won't work- the motor is in the wrong place) But even the 4x4 is heavily modified. The chassis and drive shaft were shortened, and the steering servo moved - it needed a custom steering arm for the servo as well.

As for the trap, I have had to design everything from scratch to 3d print. And I mean everything... It is longer and wider than a regular trap, the supports for the shocks go right through the whole thing as well, and the car mechanism takes up a lot of real-estate.

Have a look at the build link, you'll see what I mean. My goal is to make it as accurate as I possibly can ( key word there is "I"- I still have limits to my abilities. ), so going with the Spirit trap wouldn't work for my purposes.
I'm happy to answer any questions, or if you want to bounce a few ideas around.
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Is it possible to buy or get the trap files from you? I'm CADding up the hubs and tires myself as we have perfect profile pics so it should be a quick thing to crank out as I've designed and printed RC tires and hubs before in TPU and PETG. I suppose I could make molds for them if it comes to that. Definitely want to put an ultrasonic fogger, esp8266 arduino, and a wifi cam in this. So it can be driven over the internet fpv style with the Blynk or some other arduino app. If I could use your files it would save me massive time.
So I bought a used Renegade 4x4. My son and I got play with it, unmodified quite a bit before nodding. The movie correct wheels arrived and swapped them on. The cars fast maybe to fast, but not as stable.

With larger wheel diameter and the eventual extra weight. Should I swap the motor from a 12t to a 17t or 21t for lower speed/higher torque?

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