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By Merrimon
Hello friends,

I'm in the process of making a stunt trap and I'd like just the lights though, I'm looking for help with the arduino code for the lights and help wiring it all together.

No servos or anything, just a bargraph, 3mm yellow led, and red 5mm led. Stunt trap to carry while at Cons.

Thinking something like:
Power switch on
Bargraph fill animation (yellow color)
3mm yellow solid
Steady light/fill solid 5 seconds
Venting overheat animation in bargraph 3 seconds (yellow or red color?)
Off 2 seconds

5mm red led blinking entire time power is on.

Body is Charlesworth Dynamics, electronics I have as options: arduino metro, pro micro, adafruit uno. Adafruit 12 led bargraph with IC2 chip/backpack. 4400 mah battery with 5v booster/charger. 3mm yellow 5mm red leds.

I have the code used in Charlesworth trap, you could probably take all the sound and servo code out and modify existing code since all actions are there (minus venting animation). Looking for code and help wiring diagram since I'm an ape at electronics.

Be willing to pay! Thank you!!
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By Merrimon
No sound, just the lights animation in loop above! Don't even need triggers for it. Bargraph venting animation giving me hard time.

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