The booster tube seems too tall on my pack. Its slightly taller than the angled part on the pack it is attached to. I have a Ben of Kent shell and using a booster tube supplied by here on GB Fans.

I don’t know if I’m letting it bother me too much but the perfectionist side of me is letting it drive me nuts. Anybody have this same problem and what did you do or what do you recommend to fix it?


By tobycj
It looks like the angle of the booster tube is slightly different than the EDA so that won't be helping how it looks. You might be able to alter the booster tube angle slightly with a file, or belt sander.

I see you've got a metal PPD too, the BoK one is too large so you might want to build the shell up a bit so it fits better. I did that on my BoK build thread of you want to see photos of what I did.
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By Kingpin
In addition to Toby's suggestion to file it, you could alternately add a cosmetic weld to the base of the tube which should conceal it effectively - like the one visible on the Super Hero:

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Thanks for both of the suggestions! I guess I’ll look into raising the shelf height just a tad to compensate. I’ll post some after photos when done!
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