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By Chiliarch
Hi Forum
Some of you have seen pictures of my all (er mostly) aluminum ghost trap on social media and have reached out with questions. I figured I'd post a few shots here for you.

I will be posting the full Fusion360 file and BOM for anyone to use/modify. There's a little cleanup to do, so expect that in a couple weeks.

This is *pretty* accurate, but not 100%. I took a little license to accommodate the method of manufacture. This project was done in concert with @SendCutSend to show off their capabilities, so I adjusted the design where needed for their design guidelines. That said, I also design checked along the way with a screen-used hero prop and it is pretty on the money.

If anyone has questions I'm happy to answer them here.

Gallery link here:

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By akanigit
That came out great! Good on you for sharing the files as well.
I've used SCS for plates and other odds and ends but never considered a whole trap. Would you mind sharing a ballpark of what that ran for you?
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By Chiliarch
Thanks! Yes I tend to do a lot with sheet. Of course 3-4 axis CNC where needed, but bent sheet where possible first. Most classic (80s-90's) movie props were mastered with the most readily accessible machining, which included a lot of sheet work, so it's a natural fit.

I'll add up some numbers and post them here. Bulk runs make a difference of course.
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By Chiliarch
Some details:
35 individual part files; 3 parts are duplicated in the assembly (left/right) for a total of 38 pieces to assemble, not including hardware or the handle.

To check cost on the metal/plastic/wood components I just put together a SCS cart for 6 units - it totals $1300.95, or $216.83 per unit. Add to that the hardware (mostly McMaster supplied) and the specialty components.

Full BOM for the hardware will post with the updated Fusion assembly and parts files.

All specialty parts were either procured here, from CharlesworthDynamics, or GBHQPartsDepot on Etsy. Graphic decals were from Moby Signs.

Paint is USC Spray Max 2k epoxy paint in RatRod Black with 2k black primer underneath. Detail colors were Tamiya Camel Yellow and Mica Red. Weathering was done using Tamiya powders and a touch of Testors Aluminum. Tamiya satin clear coat was used over the weathering.
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By pchrisbosh1
Simply amazing trap sir! Pure awe....thank you for sharing that astounding trap.
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By Chiliarch
Hello everyone

Please PM me with any questions.

Open source the files upcoming. In tidying up the files to post I realized I really ought to make some improvements to ease assembly. Those updates will make it into the upcoming run, and then those files will be posted under an MIT or CC license.

Thanks all for the interest in this project and for your patience!

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By tobycj
If you plan to offer it via this forum you have to have purchased a supporting membership first, as a heads up. You're not allowed to sell without one.
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By Chiliarch
tobycj wrote: January 30th, 2022, 3:34 am If you plan to offer it via this forum you have to have purchased a supporting membership first, as a heads up. You're not allowed to sell without one.
@TobyCJ - Thanks for the heads up
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By Chiliarch
koogar wrote: January 30th, 2022, 10:15 am
I did quite a bit of work on a Ghost trap effects board about 7 years ago.

For kicks... You can see a working prototype on breadboard here.

Here is a DeWalt BT Cordless Concept ghost Trap I did around the same time. :) ... -trap.html
That's a great concept! You really captured DeWalt's styling there, while keeping the character of the original prop!
I like your work on the controller too.

My current feature list includes the following:
  • Adafruit Feather processor header - use whatever processor/code type you're comfortable with
  • LiPo charging on-board with 1a charge rate
  • all LEDs are software-definable for color and intensity
  • 3-wire interface beween main board and bar-graph
  • 2x Servo control
  • 3x high-wattage LEDs
  • Integrated wireless (RF) pedal
  • 3 high-watt outputs for control of pump/fan/e-cig with "soft fusing" definable current limits on each channel
By abaka
Very interested to see these...A full alu trap has always been a pipe dream.

But just to be aware, a for sale thread will have to go into the for sale section as per the rules on the site.
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