Oh my , i don know if i have tat kinda patience like u had , having bad experiences,cant they just be consistent?
Where is this suits made at? Can Indy just pay a visit to the manufacturers of his flighsuits to make sure that QC is maintained.

I just need more reassurance to invest in his suits…or else i will just wait n see , wait for others to give more feedback , of the latest batch.including urs too
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UEF wrote: January 19th, 2022, 3:40 am Ordered a Magnoli, due around July hopefully :-)

The best time to plant a tree is a year ago, the second best time is today.
How’d you get on with the process of sending your size? That’s the bit which has me concerned as it’s a long wait to find out whether I’ve done it right 😂
I was very concerned about that. Measured, remeasured and added a bit to be safe! To be honest it’s a shame they don’t do off the shelf sizes as I’d prefer to get one of those (assuming they’re standardised) over using my amateur measurements.
Indy Magnoli wrote: January 28th, 2022, 1:07 pm We were offering off-the-shelf sizes, but that was a bigger mess than made-to-measure and didn't work out to be much cheaper, so we scrapped that and are only doing MTM now.
So I got my suit early, and did an off-the-shelf size, and it's perfect. If I were to order a second suit, could you still reference what sizes you were doing back then, or would I still need to take new measurements?
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Thanks for the heads up Indy, I was looking to get a charcoal suit! The measurements were just a few inches bigger than the V1 I have which works out perfect as I wanted it just a little bit baggier. Hopefully no one grabbed it before I got it but it looks like my order went through.

**Edit - Joachim just emailed me and said someone else ordered it right before me. Bummer!**
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