Hi everybody, I'm so glad to share this news with the GB Fans community: Real! A Ghostbusters Tale is finally on YouTube! We have been working on this project for almost seven years -- an Italian fan movie set in the Ghostbusters universe. It's 90 minutes long, made by professional actors, directors, writers and VFX artists who are also huge Ghostbusters fans.

Special thanks to Atlanta Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters Virginia, Ghostbusters of Salt Lake, Ghostbusters Station 6, Louisiana Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters of Glasgow and Ghostbusters France for playing with us in this crazy movie for an amazing multi-franchise scene!

A brief synopsis for those who don't already know:

When a Physics professor, a lab technician and a university deadbeat find that the only apartment they can afford is one of the most haunted places in Rome, who are they gonna call?

You can find the whole movie at this YouTube link! Be sure to activate English subtitles with the CC button 😉
We hope you'll enjoy it!

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