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Hey guys! I decided to make one thread for all the 3D models I’ve made, because there are a lot. I’m pasting these in chronological order because that way you can see how much I’ve improved in the last 5 years :)

Also I’m posting URL’s here as I can’t figure out how to embed the Sketchfab player :sigh:

Proton Pack 2017

Image ... 995ba73b49

Ghost Trap 2017
Image ... cc02a047c9

Seiko Voice Note Watch 2018
Image ... f4eb379e6e

Ecto1 2021
Image ... 6cf0cc8d8f

Ecto1 Afterlife 2022
Image ... 27db4b00f1

RTV 2022
Image ... 3771bfd448

Firehouse Exterior 2022
Image ... 4cfaf9c43d

Firehouse Interior (WIP) 2022
Image ... bbbb2e62d4

Ecto Containment Unit 2022
Image ... 137bf9153c

Sniffer 2022
Image ... 97c3ffb12b

PKE Meter 2022
Image ... 66a8f3cfc5

Thanks for looking :)

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