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By EctoTron1
In a collaboration between the Ghostbusters of Scotland, the Ghostbusters of Glasgow and the Ghostbusters of Aberdeen, we're putting together our own Ghostbusters convention on the 20th of June 2020 called ECTO-CON 2020.
But we need help, and that's where you all come in. In order to secure the venue at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, we need to raise £3000, which you can help us do by pre-ordering tickets available through our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. If we meet our target we'll be able to book the venue and start booking guests. We have a lot of cool things planed for this event and it will be a lot of fun.
Tickets start from just £15.

:love: Thank you :love:
Please help us reach our goal by pre-ordering tickets through our IndieGoGo campaign linked below. ... jA-l4EfQ#/
Anyone else booked in and going to this or thinking about it?

Their Indiegogo has finished but tickets are still available from ... 9213754935

It would be great if anyone from the GB Fans community is going, maybe we could arrange a specific meet possibly even the evening before if anyone is travelling up and staying in a nearby hotel the night before?
I'm keeping this on my radar, but Glasgow is a bit of a mission travel-wise.

I think for a UK con somewhere more central like Newcastle or Manc might have attracted more fans South of the border, but I understand this is being organised by Scottish fans in Scotland and appreciate the effort they're putting in.
Well what a fabulous day that was!

Proof that the best laid of mice and men often go awry, on the evening of the night before, attendees got a message from the organisers - the venue had double booked the Ghostbusters fans with a wedding. Not wanting (somewhat understandably) to kick out the wedding party, a new venue was found at speed for the Ghostbusters group and messages sent out.

On the morning of the vent, Ghostbusters were seen walking the streets of Glasgow, making their way to the nightclub that would stand in as the new venue - an event which in itself got onto TV - ... interview/

Stepping into the dimly lit club, merchandise tables had already been set up. As eyes adjusted to the light, a compere shortly announced a discussion between Laura Summer (voice of the animated Janine) and Martin Griffiths who had contributed towards some of the comic book art in the past I believe. A later discussion involved Jennifer Runyon (electric shock girl from GB1) and Eldo Ray Estes (man with orange hair in the crowd in GB1). They, and Laura had great stories to tell about their short time on set and were warm in embracing the fans who asked questions and queued up for autographs and photos.

I was struck by the friendly and collegiate nature of everyone I met on that day. Having no costume or props to speak of (waiting on Magnoli and Haslab), people were happy to relay their experiences of the options on the market and point me in the right direction.

I managed to track down Dave of Proton Props and explore his premade 84 pack product - a seriously professional piece of kit. He took time to discuss the minutiae and explain all the musical and light up features of the pack, and I ordered one afterwards. Thank you Dave.

One of the highlights for me was getting a world exclusive of two segments from "Too Hot to Handle" - the documentary on Ghostbusters 2 and sequel to "Cleaning Up the Town" by Bueno. The audience were treated to a trailer - featuring seriously heavy hitters from the GB2 world including Harold Ramis - and a small section from the film. Both clips got rapturous applause and standing ovations, and I think also got the most focus from the audience all day!

Stalls included an impressive display from Ecto Crank who had lots of different stickers, badges and pins alongside other sellers.

In another room you could go and play Ghostbusters games going back to NES - something I hadn't done since the early 90s. In so many ways this day was a treat to the 10 year old me.

Once the Bueno film had been shown, attendees dispersed for a couple of hours before reconvening at the Arta club. The compere from the day (Des O’Gorman) presented his standup routine on his love for ghostbusters which invited howls of laughter from the audience. Laura Summer arrived at the party a little later into the evening (which was possibly well-timed).

Attendees drank and partied late into the night, arriving back at their hotels some 13 hours after starting their day.

Everyone I spoke to agreed that they'd enjoyed the day, some coming from quite some distance to attend possibly the UK's first Ghostbusters meetup, and perhaps only the world's second such occasion (?).

Thank you Scotland and all the organisers for making this so worthwhile. You did brilliantly.
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It was indeed a lovely time! Got to have a little chat with Claire Bueno and was able to tell her how excellent Cleanin’ Up The Town is, which was nice. The clip and trailer from Too Hot To Handle were great too, although we weren’t allowed to film them due to some licensing issues being assembly cuts. Suffice it to say, though, when it does come out it should be every inch the equal of the first one.

Saw some familiar faces and enjoyed the shambles that was the raffle - it’s alway a sign of a good natured crowd if they can put up with raffle chaos!

The venue change resulted in proceedings being a little claustrophobic, but that was no fault of the organisers who turned heaven and earth to snatch victory from the jaws of what seemed like last minute defeat. I’m not sure I’d have been able to sort a venue change in such short order, so hats off to them 100%.

Looking forward to the next one already!

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