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By metallijosh
That's been around for a while now. It functions the same, but it has green lights on the wings.

The internals are a little different to accommodate the screen being raised. It's been a while since I've had mine open, but I remember there being a separate board for the lights. Also more of the connections are quick connects instead of solder.

This made the motor mod harder to do and it doesn't work as well.
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By EctoLabs
Yeah, this was released about 9 or 10 months ago, but never had much coverage here for some reason. I've been playing about with one of these for a while now...

The meter functions the same, but the circuit board is a different shape to the Spirit and sits at an angle inside to achieve the more accurate slant of the screen. As mentioned, the wing lights are green for some reason but they protrude more than the Spirit which looks a little better. They can't be swapped with the Spirit wings as the LEDs have been oriented differently so, although they are exactly the same size, the circuit board is incompatible. Sound effects are the same beepy nonsense. The top of the shell is identical but the handle had been squared off to look closer to the original prop. The only other difference is the motor which is considerably noisier than the Spirit, even though it is dimensionally identical.

All in all, plenty of room in there for improvements... 😉
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By JTurchetta
I have a few of these and unfortunately due to the different board design the motor mod does not work. Also if you try to swap out the Spirit wing lights they take a slightly different voltage which causes the lights on the screen to stop working (at least that was the case on both of mine).

I would LOVE to help figure out a custom board and electronics for this version.
By BRD 527
Picked one up some point last year I think or it might have been the end of 2019 I cant remember. I like it better than the spirit PKE's I have and keep it in my car, it still works fine on orignal battery lol! I also like how it not black the plastic is same color (i think it gun metal gray) as the spirit pack :love:
By BRD 527
one change I did notice from the spirit PKE is when the Halloween Costumes PKE meter is active if you physically push the wings down they seem to disengage from the motor.
So, is the fact that the lights and sounds cut out completely when the wings are retracting completely normal? If so, that's such a shame. I'm guessing the motor control mod won't work on this thing at all, huh?

Looks like the only mod I can do to this thing is changing the wing light sequence, adding a grid to the screen, and swapping out the wing LEDs with yellow/warm white ones.

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