Discuss the upcoming 4th movie to be released in 2023 or 2024.
Paco wrote: May 9th, 2022, 9:13 am While Ghostbusters as a brand is iconic, I can see Ray and Peter struggling to make IG REELS and Twitter posts. Winston would probably have to bring in a social media coordinator, which is a real position in many companies now.
OMG, it'd be worth it to see Ray try to make a TikTok.

The Ghostbusters are surrounded by all this tech, yet that can't make a funny video for social media to save their lives. Podcast, on the other hand...
timeware wrote: May 10th, 2022, 2:31 am The withdrawal's giving us the shakes man! Also here's a cartoon duck explaining why people go insane(not implying anyone here is.} Lol :

Video removed
While the general sentiment of Duckman's frustration I agree with (the trickle-down remark was particularly apt), that video was not appropriate to post due to some of the remarks that were frankly a little racist.
mrmichaelt wrote: May 9th, 2022, 11:58 pm C'mon, Jason, post anything on your social media. Please just post anything. :P
Well, the man is in the middle of the grieving process. I can't imagine how he feel: having made a movie about loss with his father and just after that he has to experience that event.

If I was him, I wouldn't direct the next one but I'd stay to make sure the legacy my father created (and I resurrected) is well treated.
mrmichaelt wrote: May 10th, 2022, 4:48 am ]My bad, I should have watched the whole video to check it was kosher.
No worries.
Really the onus is on timeware, who has once again displayed poor judgement in the appropriateness of the content he's posting on the forum.
Just realised Catherine Reitman is pals with the Always Sunny guys, and how perfectly fitting Rob, Glenn and Charlie’s banter could work in Ghostbusters…

Maybe not all three of them and they’d have to tone it down for a family audience, but their comic sensibilities could really fit the franchise in a Bill Murray sort of way.
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After Davideverona and SpaceBallz (EDIT: Richardless and anyone else) said the title, 4 Hire is growing on me. Rebirth, Resurrection, Resurrected, etc. continues the theme of Afterlife. But Ghostbusters For Hire/Ghostbusters 4 Hire has a nice ring to it. Maybe Ghostbusters Inc. even. And it even reminded me of "Ghostbusters International" from the end of some GB1 drafts.
Davideverona wrote: May 4th, 2022, 3:26 am I never saw those parts. How was he?
Sorry, I initially missed this post. I haven't seen Pixel or any of the Connors so I wouldn't know.
I guess i was one of the few that thought Dans performance was awesome. The way he says “im sorry” strikes a chord with me.

His little bit with Podcast is great too.

However, i think what most are feeling is wanting just a little bit more, we never saw Ray do his infamous “wows!” And “woahs!” When investigating a paranormal threat.

Maybe gb4 will give us just a little more taste of the old man busters (i think some of us are still hungry to see them have just a wee bit more screentime)

Bringing things back to NY should make it easier to work them in right?...i mean..hopefully..as It was hard enough to hope for the best with afterlife, still happy we got to see them back in the flesh after all this time. :whatever:
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I liked Ray's opening ramble to Gozer and his "nothing stings like a billion electron volts" line as well. There was some good I guess "Rayisms" in AL. The reaction when Phoebe tells him Egon died last week, that was great acting - the expression in his face shifting away from anger. I thought all the original cast were on their A game in their scenes. Even Sigourney Weaver who was just in one tag totally owned it like no time passed since GB2.

I'm definitely intrigued about seeing Winston and Ray get more screentime in the sequel than they did in Afterlife.
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