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By tylergfoster
I searched "DirecTV" on here and didn't get any hits for this. It's not an especially big deal, so maybe people just didn't think it was fun enough to share, but I have been getting spots from this DirecTV campaign on my Twitter constantly.

As a lifelong Seattlite, seeing Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, and Alex Rodriguez -- all from the era where I was really into the Mariners (I guess the fourth player, who I believe is David Ortiz, was also technically in the Mariners' minor league system) -- dressed up as Ghostbusters was not a crossover I expected to encounter.

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By WCat2000
I’ve seen them a few times on TV. They’re cool I’m just not into baseball. I only watch the NBA but I’m not a dedicated fan of any particular team. Actually a lot of it makes me mad...don’t know why I watch sometimes. Haha.
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By timeware
I like the ad's. Been a huge fan of baseball up until the last few years. Except for the NHL I'm done with watching sports on tv.

Seattle and the Indians were my go to teams, including the Braves. Met Greg Maddux and John Smoltz, I have signed hat's from Corey Cluber and Edwin Encarnacion. Yeah it's much more fun seeing a game in person then dropping a lot of cash on MLB Extra Innings.
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