Discuss the Ghostbusters movie that was released in 2016.
I don't have a full plot or anything, but I was thinking I would make a sequel. The Ghostbusters would still be the only franchise in NYC, and they wouldn't be training any interns or anything. I doubt the five burrows could ever have enough paranormal activity to warrant anymore Ghostbusters in the area.

I don't think that New York could forget about the Ghostbusters twice. Once works, but twice is pushing it. Instead they would still be in business, but the firehouse could double as a ghostbusting museum in order to compensate for income lost by paranormal activity having died down.

They could make references to events that happened in previous GBIII scripts that unfortunately never got produced.
If you go with the original actors, you have to use interns, I'm afraid. They are just too old. You cannot expect these actors to do any of the stunts, or walk around with the heavy equipment.

Either interns or you would have to recast all 4 of them. And if you use the 4 GB only Ernie and Dan would be even willing to return, sadly enough.
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Yeah, I guess you're right. Have you happened to see my idea (you probably have, I repeat stuff like a broken record) that they should make one or two short films instead of a feature length GBIII? They could probably manage to carry the packs if that was the case. And if it was a short film they could probably get by using the lighter semi-hero packs, even if they lack detail.

Bill might be on board for something short with less production time, but I'm grasping at straws here.
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I personally enjoyed the reboot and I liked the choices that were made. The only thing I would have done were made it darker with more horror elements. Instead of Rowan being some geek who works in a hotel I would have made him someone who was severely injured during a ghost attack and was using collected ectoplasm to regenerate his body which in turn transforms him into a hulking monster.
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Here's my take:

Its 30 Years after the events in Ghostbusters II:

A group of ghostbusters (not the original cast) comes shuffling in to a rundown building with the "no ghost" sign flickering in disrepair. The facility is run down, dirty and sad.
Dirty, tired and slimed. Each of them is toting several smoking traps.

We find out that Ghostbusters has turned into a franchise paranormal extermination business. Branches in a few places, all of which have failed.
This is the last one. (NYC old firehouse location maybe?)

Paranormal activity is on the rise. Somethings up NYC, there getting their asses kicked. A corrupted former mayor of NYC (ghost) was also a Gozer worshiper. Is trying to get resurrected so he can come back and rule NYC. Their equipment is failing, overheating, etc. They've run out of money and resources.

They try to get in touch with the owners of the franchise, cause none of this crap is in the 'Buster manual.

Winston is the only one they can reach at first, he owns a chain of restaurants in New York.
After a paranormal confrontation he agrees to help contact the old gang.

Peter is on an Island in the Caribbean. He's fabulously wealthy, having married the only daughter of a Mideastern Oil Sheik. Doesn't want to get involved, but is willing to write a check and come to the after party.

Egon has passed away while hunting Fungi in the Amazon. We find out he has a daughter that attends MIT.

Ray is running a Summer Camp in Minnesota for kids who are paranormally gifted.

None of the old gang is willing to get directly involved, but Ray suggests he introduces them to Egon's daughter.

better writers would have to take it from here :)
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Well I can easily say that I don't think that I could come up with an idea that could do the franchise justice. Not by myself anyway. I will say this, if I had serious pull in the industry, I would have spent the entire budget that was given to this film to Put Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman, and all the people in the Ghostbusters community that had successfully put together Their own Fan Film like Hank Braxton into a room and have them be a GB Think Tank. I believe if you put all these people in a room together you could either wind up with serious creative differences, or we could get an amazing film that every fan would enjoy. :):):)
Mine would have been a direct sequel / soft reboot.
It would have started with "30 years later."

There would have been a brief documentary style video for the Ghostbusters recapping the past 30 years. We would have seen the original team, de-aged by CGI, saving the world repeatedly.
There would have been shots of them meeting the Pope, some Presidents, the Queen of England, etc.
We would have gotten a glimpse of the world adapting to the reality of ghosts. Ghost civil rights marches, dramatic shifts in religions and society, etc. Advances in science thanks to Egon, etc.

The video continues with a shot of a massive skyscraper in New York with "Ghostbusters Inc." on the side. It ends in a boardroom with all of the original team at a table and Ray shaking hands with a random guy in a suit and them turning to the camera and giving a cheesy smile with a thumbs up. We learn it's a part of a late night infomercial.

The movie focuses on a franchise in L.A. It's made up of the cast from the reboot. The characters are similar but toned down. 3 of the 4 are grad students with humiliating jobs who can't afford to keep going to college. Once they've dropped out, they can't get jobs in their fields of study.
They get a small business loan to open the GB franchise. A fourth is hired in later like Winston.

Ghosts and ghostbusting has become a mundane fact of life. People have gotten over it. There hasn't been a major ghost incident since the late 90's / early 2000's.

The original Ghostbusters were regarded as heroes for a long time but eventually people stopped caring. Now they run a billion dollar company with franchises in most major cities and it's mostly a scam.

All of the equipment are cheaper, manufactured versions of the classic gear and none of it works right.
The franchise system is sort of like a pyramid scheme.
Several scenes in the movie deal with how the franchise is frustrated with the poor quality and lack of support from the corporate office.
The GB HQ is the basement of one of their houses and they do a lot of their business online.

The themes of the movie concern building a business in the modern corporate environment, struggling with a broken system that's taking advantage of people and providing an essential and life-saving service to an unappreciative population.

There's a scene where the LA team go to the corporate headquarters in NY to confront the original team. They've mostly become a-holes and don't care, even Ray.
The original proton packs are displayed under glass in a lobby.
There is a scene on top of the GB corporate building where the original team has to break out the original gear and fight the major villain alongside the new team, similar to the Gozer confrontation.

They save the day together and the original team is rejuvenated and have their spirit back. It ends on a high note with the LA franchise in their own office with new gear. There's a new infomercial playing on the tv in the background with Ray saying something about it being a new dawn for Ghostbusters and things being new and improved.
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I'd have gone with the reboot.

Different director.

It would have an updated library ghost scene. I would have look alikes playing Ray, Peter, and Egon.
The team would have prototype equipment with them. They capture the library ghost.
The university offers them funding after a kinder Dean Yager (played by Dan or Bill) examines the trap.
Peter splits off from the group.

Ray and Egon start the New York Paranormal Club, Peter starts Ghostbusters Inc.

Winston runs a taxi cab company, becomes friends with Peter after helping him trap the jogger ghost in central park. Winston sees the opportunity to make lots of money by joining the Ghostbusters.

I would expand on the relationship between Winston and Patty by having him hire Patty early on. Holtzman evetually joins becoming their equipment designer.

The NYPC (Yes that is a joke about political correctness) would introduce Roland, Kylie. There would be a long montage scene of them developing equipment/vehicles. The NYPC would have access to better reliable equipment while Ghostbusters Inc would have less effective experimental devices.

I would have the NYPC team be the ones to bust Slimer at the hotel. Holtzman would stick a banana in the tail pipe of their vehicle after the snooty hotel owner denies the Ghostbusters their scheduled appointment.

The taxi garage would be great to show different versions of Ecto one themed vehicles. We could have Patty attending auctions to purchase SWAT vehicles, or military surplus vehicles to modify.

I would explore the nodes and portals of the video game. The plot would expand across three different states allowing the university to make a name for itself, while also allowing Ghostbusters Inc to franchise. The nodes lead to Gozer in the end of the movie bringing both groups together to face stay puft.

regarding the nodes I would have included The Sandman, boogey man, and the spider witch as their guardians. Bringing them to the staypuft scene would be Mc Carthy in a military uniform driving a tank.

I would keep Ghostbusters Inc. getting the fire house at the end of the film. I liked the idea of the Government funding the Ghostbusters. Sam Hain would be the focus of the sequel.
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So many great script ideas!

Hope to contribute after going back over RGB and EGB. One thing I would do for a 2016 reboot is Continue the wonderful continuity and material availible from GB84 - GB89 - RGB - EGB. So my 2016 reboot would be with at least some EGB characters, with the surviving original cast members in support / management roles. I would not be opposed to a similar looking actor playing Egon, though Ramis is a huge loss.

There's so much source material from the movies, animated, and comic series, even the 2009 game, I couldn't make a script as good as some posters here have, but I bet almost any decent Hollywood writer could.
I'd have made it a Netflix series. Not only is that where some of the best stuff is happening these days, but I think GB would really suit being a series. A different format would also soften the blow of having a different team than the original. I'm thinking something like a cross between the two movies, the Real Ghostbusters, and the X-Files and Supernatural. There's be typical Ghostbusting but also elements of procedural crime dramas as they researched the ghosts.

The concept would be something like - after the events of GB2, the Ghostbusters have become fully funded city department. It is 25 years later, and Ray is the Chief of the Ghostbusters. Winston is the senior Ghostbuster who trains new recruits. Venkman has long since cashed in on his GB merchandise rights and retired somewhere with Dana (leaving open the possibility of a cameo). Egon has passed on. The first seasons story would be about a sudden rise in ghost activity after a relatively quiet 20 years. This necessitates putting together a new team of Ghostbusters. Amongst the new recruits is Oscar Barret. There would also be a quirky young female scientist making all the new equipment, Dr Spengler, Egons daughter.
Episodes would vary between Ghostbusting episodes which would play out like mini-Ghostbusters movies (or long Real Ghostbusters episodes) and "myth-arc" episodes which would tell the on-going storyline about why supernatural activity is on on the rise and the new main villain.

I think it would have been a hit.
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Either a Netflix series or a new multiverse animated series would be great. Jim's ideas are pretty much what I'd envision for a live action series. Tap the writing talent from Supernatural, Buffy and other well received sci fi/horror shows. Or in animated form, Dapper Dan's comic art style with the comic writers as the head writers. It could find it's place on Nickelodeon. Plus more merchandising
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Nice idea, Jim. A sort of GB anthology is cool.

For myself:
A very Lovecraftian version of GB, maybe even set it in Providence, (or Arkham.)
One character would be a professor of the occult who is half-mad, one would be a former ghost-hunting reality show star who is a complete shill (like the Ghost Adventures guy,) one would be the stock scientist with a knack for gadgeteering, and the Watson would have beeen an ex-journalist who is good at research, but a skeptic at heart.

Bad guy would be a radicalized minister who is secretly a necromancer. He uses subtle mind control to influence mobs of people, and wants to tear reality open so he can control an army of the dead.
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Bad guy would be a radicalized minister who is secretly a necromancer. He uses subtle mind control to influence mobs of people, and wants to tear reality open so he can control an army of the dead.
Love that idea, very Resident Evil 4ish. Would be a good opportunity to introduce the Spider Witch character. You could have her following the minister over seeing their mobs.
DarkSpectre wrote:Either a Netflix series or a new multiverse animated series would be great. Jim's ideas are pretty much what I'd envision for a live action series.
Off topic slightly but I had a dream long time ago that I watched a live action Ghostbusters TV series made in 1988 starring the original cast. The episode began with a guy falling into a dump truck and getting covered in pink slime that was inside. As this happens the Ghostbusters credits music and logo play. After the teaser and into we find out the slime transformed him into a cute white dog. Anyway... :-|
Personally I would have taken the storyline from the Real Ghostbusters episode where they went to Paris after a surge of paranormal activity started reeking havoc on the country. Ghosts were everywhere and they were called in to help. That's when Egon discovers that the Eiffel Tower was basically a huge containment device after finding a hidden room on the tower. The circuitry was old and wearing out, so Egon fixes it and all is right with the world again! :)
One thing is that I would never, ever reboot it. It would be a colossal waste to have the movie create all of that incredible lore and do all that world-building and then throw it all out and have to start over again. As the RGB cartoon showed, the first movie created a world that had infinite possibilities to play with. Only a completely brain-dead hack of a writer could have that universe handed to him on a silver platter and think that the right choice was to throw it out and start over.
I have this idea for a reboot that would have alternate versions of the original 4 Ghostbusters, being Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston. Ray would be a female however. The story would revolve around them starting up, but instead of some big end of the world scenario being the end game, it would end with them having to end a big supernatural event at the Sedgwick Hotel, with the Mayor's wife. It'd be a more serious take in many ways, and probably a bit of a personal character study. The overall style and tone of what made the original ghostbusters would still be there, though.

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