It probably depends on a few factors.

How are you planning to build your pack? A scratch build vs a kit vs 3D printed, they'll all have different techniques which may not be applicable to each other.

Are you planning a hyper-accurate pack? Pristine or beaten/weathered? GB1, GB2, or Afterlife, or a hybrid?

For me personally, my pack is mostly 3D printed but with some real parts installed, however I wasn't too concerned with accuracy (I pick and choose which features I like, bits of both original films and various character packs). But it does the job and looks great when I wear it to events (and a lot of people think it's metal until I point out it's mostly ABS plastic!).

Whereas others (with more time/money/skill) have built breathtaking museum grade replicas of the original props, dust and all:
https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/v ... vy.259249/

If you're not already aware, there's also the recently launched Ghostbusters Reference Library:
Plus there's tons of additional info here in the Gbfans wiki.

As a rule though, if the build thread has a lot of replies it's probably gone over quite well with the community, or the builder has been thorough with their photos and updates. So popular threads are always worth a look :D

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