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By prodestrian
Godsguitar7 wrote: October 6th, 2022, 8:12 pm Has there been any update on if the siren has been isolated?
Not that I know of. Here it is, extracted from the Preview Cut: ... imSjL/view
It loops twice before it's covered by the car sounds, might be possible for someone to properly isolate and clean it up. And then if they want bonus points, they can reverse the audio, change the speed, pitch, and convert it into the "Montage Siren" (which wasn't used in the Preview Cut).

On a side note, after watching "Cleaning Up the Town" I was surprised to hear that the ECTO-1 siren apparently came from a Snow Leopard howl. I wonder if there's some well-used sound library clip of a Snow Leopard that filmmakers use, which was then manipulated for the siren? It seems unlikely that they went to a zoo and tried to record one howling.

Obviously it's a modern recording, but this one sounds pretty close!

In fact, if you listen to the "alternative" siren during the "Saving the Day" scene, it sounds a lot closer to the Snow Leopard: ... WWw_Y/view
(Isolated this one as well).
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By Godsguitar7
These are sweet! I can hopefully try to clean these up a bit. I tried doing it with the siren from Extreme Ghostbusters but only got so far. The in-depth information and links were very appreciated!

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