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By Verdandi47
[EDIT NOV. 14 2019: Photobucket is garbage, I'll fix these photos soon as I can.]

Right shoe first! I decided to make it a ghost trap. Keep in mind there is only so much I can do for a little girl in size 12s. :)

Okay, so for the logo, I found a pumpkin carving stencil, resized it, printed it out cardstock. It wasn't perfect but I got a decent copy down. As for the stripes, those are sharpie too. I took the measurement for them from a busted Ghost Spooker toy (formerly my little bro's, now my daughter's).

The sharpies bled a bit so I decided I had to get puffy paint. First application was just basic white.

Then I found glow in the dark puffy paint. I do need to pick up black as well, otherwise it's going to keep leeching out the black sharpie. But I did manage to fix the hands a bit.

Right side of the right shoe. It's hard to tell, but I did use actual metallic gold and silver where appropriate.

Left side of right shoe.

Left shoe coming up! :kylie:
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And this one is a proton pack.


Had to take a little more artistic liberty with this shoe.

Pencils, then some color blocking.

Right side (instep) of left shoe. Here's where you can see I took some liberties in trying to convey...a flat 3D? Kind of like papercraft? It was also around this point I lost patience trying to draft in pencil first, and started free-handing dots as a guide, but using the color of the sharpie (dark slate grey) that I was using as a stand in for black, which wouldn't be seen once it was colored in.

When I was reasonably sure of where stuff was staying, then I went over it with a black ultra-fine tip sharpie. Not worried about the marker bleeding since it wouldn't be visible once everything was colored in.

This is as far as I've gotten on the left side.

And this is where things get interesting. The Clippard and the connection for the hose that goes to the crank box that are drawn on the tongue line up with the shoelace grommets above it. But this is all I have time for today... my kids will be getting home from school soon!
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Thanks Joed. The comic con is tomorrow! I'm almost done! Playmobile Janine included for reference.

But I freaking hate photobucket, so the next update is on my deviantART page. I wonder if I can direct link from there...seems to be working.

:love: Cheap-ass $5 white girls' sneakers from Walmart.
:love: Puffy paints: glow in the dark natural and green, red, black, white.
:love: Markers and pens: Sharpies, BiC permanent markers, gel pens.
:love: Adhesive red gems. [Cyclotron lights]
:love: 1 red wire scavenged from actual computer parts. [Cyclotron -> PPD]
:love: 2 buttons found in hand-me-down button tin that are likely older than me. [Ghost trap]
:love: Spiral clasp from necklace [Ion knob/shock mount for bumper/c-band]
:love: Spiral earring backers [Legris pneumatic elbows, Alkon AQ68-P male connector, coax boots on bottom of injectors]


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