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Part 3 of the interview.

Don't count on GB2 patches, Slime Blower or TVG gear to be added anytime soon.

Seems to hint something for crossing the streams is coming.

Seems to hint at expanding on customization of your character.

EDIT: Sidenote, yay! Amazon shipped my collector's edition game today.
He also hinted at some "new-to-the-game-but-familiar-to-us" gear coming as well. Sad to hear that skinning the packs and other equipment to look stock (or like RGB/XGB) isn't happening... or at least any time soon. Can't wait for the patch (hopefully they get it out before they go on holiday break) and the DLC next year :D

EDIT - after rewatching, the question about reskinning the pack was passed, not given a no... so there's still hope! :D
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The new patch should be live. Here's a breakdown: ... ecember-13
Welcome to Patch 1.3.0!

A large part of this QOL update is focused on gameplay balance adjustments. Initially after launching and observing gameplay, we were able to make some smaller adjustments in the recent hotfixes. However, we quickly began to notice patterns that brought light to larger imbalances. Between looking at match data, talking with the community, playing the game, and watching various livestreams/videos, it was clear to us that the Ghost was consistently at a disadvantage.

For this update, our goal is to help the Ghost perform better in certain areas while also remaining measured to avoid a massive pendulum swing in balance. This was done mainly by nerfing Ghostbuster gear and tightening up the effectiveness of Ghost functionality instead of simply providing the Ghost with a flat increase in power.

We look forward to playing more with everyone and we’ll keep an eye out to make sure the impact of these changes continue to keep this game as enjoyable to play as possible!

-Design Director, Jordan Mathewson

For our dedicated Ghosts and Ghostbusters who have achieved the level cap, we have a new feature just for you!

Introducing the new Tenure system!
Reaching the maximum level of 100 will now allow you to use the Tenure system.

Each Tenure level will unlock something special to show off your vast experience as a Ghostbuster.
The first level of Tenure unlocks a unique hat for your Buster as well as a special badge for your player card.

Currently there is only 1 Tenure level available, but there will be many more to come!

Increasing your Tenure level will reset the following:
• Player Level
• Gear Levels
• Ghost Levels
• All Unlocked Gear & Attachments
• Contract Progression
• Collectibles
• This action is NOT reversible.*
• All cosmetic items and narrative stages will remain unlocked. *

If you’re interested in learning more, the Tenure system can be accessed on the second floor of the Firehouse.
Let us know what kind of rewards you all would be interested in for future Tenure levels!

Name Tags
A new type of cosmetic has arrived in the Firehouse!

Head over to the Customization Lockers to try on the new Name Tags for your Buster’s jumpsuit!
Name tags come in a variety of different preset names and can be unlocked by leveling up or completing contracts.

Keyboard and Controller Remapping
Custom gamepad and keyboard remapping are now available in your settings menu!
Remap your controllers, keyboards, and mice with separate settings for Ghosts and Ghostbusters.

• Various crash fixes
• Improvements to performance and stability
• Made improvements and fixes to lighting on several maps
• Players can now select their preferred team between matches (during the AAR)
• Personal XP for gained for completing daily, weekly, and contract challenges now appears in the AAR
• The default selection for the Preferred Team is now based on if the player queues from the Ghost Realm or Firehouse
• Access to the Research Contract menu lowered to Level 5
• Research Contract’s menu no longer closes when activating a contract
• Made improvements to the alley way practice range to better reflect real-match conditions
• Fixed a bug where the player’s level would sometimes not update immediately after leaving a match
• Fixed a bug where certain cinematics caused the Firehouse to have the incorrect skybox
• Fixed a bug where using the Emote Wheel while interacting with an NPC may cause the interaction widget to become stuck
• Fixed a bug that caused the Emote Wheel to persist on the screen if opened right before the match ends
• Fixed a bug that incorrectly showed the EXP bar leveling up past the maximum level in the after action report
• Fixed a bug where the building haunt level bar would reappear during the Final Countdown
• Fixed a bug where certain objects would appear to have multiple health bars
• Fixed a bug where the AI bots would not always replace a player that has left the game
• Fixed a bug where the Civilians would sometimes face the wrong direction during the calming minigame
• Fixed a bug where NPC dialogues were unskippable
• Fixed a bug where interrupting the calming minigame could cause the Buster to become stuck with reduced movement speed
• Fixed several subtitle issues that occurred during Firehouse conversations and cinematics
• Fixed several UI issues for certain languages
• Fixed a bug where the Emote Menu could get stuck on the screen after entering the Ghost Realm
• Fixed a bug where client players would see the incorrect Job selected after round cycling
• Fixed a bug where client players may appear with the incorrect ghost tint in the Ghost Realm
• Fixed a bug where Tobin’s Spirit Guide would sometimes not appear for client players

Fixed several issues that were causing progression to not track properly with the following contracts/challenges/trophies:
• We Have The Best Insurance
• Ghost Expert
• Clever Ghost
• Thought You Could Hide
• The Legend (Sprint)
• Tobin’s Apprentice (Location’s Haunted)
• Out of Nowhere (Scare)
• The Expert (Tethers)
• Teamwork (Rifts)
• Cryogenic Isolator
• R.T.V. Kit Research Contract

• Increased Stamina consumption when sprinting as the Buster
• Increased Buster’s self revive speed
• Made various improvements to the AI Busters
• AI Busters will now spawn in at the map entrance instead of where the player was located when they left the match
• Partial tethers no longer grant progress to challenges that require tethering
• Fixed a bug where failing the calming minigame would cause a delay in re-equipping the Particle Thrower
• Fixed a bug where the support meter would sometimes show the incorrect value
• Fixed a bug where the Buster would gain XP for their currently equipped gear instead of the ghost trap when destroying minions with the trap
• Fixed a bug where getting slimed while using an emote could break the Buster’s camera
• Fixed a bug where the Particle Thrower may become unresponsive if the player switches the Particle Thrower after activating the Ghost Trap
• Fixed a bug where the Neural Emitter attachment VFX and SFX were not activating
• Fixed a bug where the R.T.V. trap could cause the player’s inputs to become temporarily unresponsive
• Fixed a bug with the “Gadget After Trap Throw” settings not working properly with the P.K.E.
• Fixed a bug where the Particle Thrower would continue to fire when switching to the scoreboard and venting your pack
• Fixed a bug where toggling the Ecto Goggles would break cause the gear equipping animation to not display properly
• Fixed a bug where the V.A.D. would stay equipped after canceling the grapple
• Fixed a bug where AI Busters would sometimes become unresponsive when near a Ghost
• Fixed a bug where the Particle Thrower beam was auto-aiming onto objects possessed by the Ghost that were stationary
• Fixed a bug where Busters could use the V.A.D. while not aiming at an anchor point in certain locations
• Fixed a bug where the Buster’s screen effects during status effects were being removed before the status effect duration was over

P.K.E. Meter
• Increased recharge time from P.K.E. blast
• Increased P.K.E. blast charge duration
• Reduced P.K.E. blast stun duration
• Increased P.K.E. signal radius for haunted objects
• Reduced the Ghost’s maximum P.K.E. signal radius

Radar Puck
• Increased Radar Puck detection distance

Ecto Goggles
• Added rechargeable battery
• Increased peripheral material effect
• Fixed a bug where the Ecto Goggles SFX persists when returning to Firehouse

• The Ghost tether and trap QTE minigame now has random buttons/keys that are used to break out of the minigame
• Ghosts will now exit Ectovision when using an ability
• Ghost abilities that are canceled from P.K.E. stuns or tethering are now given a cool-down refund
• Ghost ultimate abilities that are interrupted due to being tethered will now cause the ultimate to have a reduced cooldown timer
• Reduced the amount of slime added to the Busters when Phasing through them as the Ghost
• Reduced the speed penalty when stunned as a Ghost
• Busters are now more visible in Ectovision at higher fear levels
• Busters and Civilians now have separate visibility thresholds in Ectovision
• Increased Civilian visibility distance in Ectovision
• Made adjustments to the Ghost stun animations to better reflect the respective stun durations
• Made adjustments to the Ghost minion spawning animation timings to make the minion spawn timings are more consistent
• Fixed a bug that caused the Ghost’s P.K.E. to drain when possessing an object while sprint
• Fixed a bug where the Ghost would be unable to possess certain objects while already possessing an object
• Fixed a bug where the “Possess” prompt would appear on possessable objects that were out of range
• Fixed a bug where possessing a haunted object that is floating near the ceiling may cause the ghost to become stuck
• Fixed bug where tethered Ghost struggle animation was interrupted by activating an emote
• Fixed a bug where the Ghost struggle animation would not appear properly when being tethered while using an emote
• Fixed bug where certain Ghost abilities would not cause the Ghosts to drop Ghost Traps and Rifts
• Fixed an issue where the Ectovision SFX was not properly playing when activated while possessing an object
• Fixed an issue where the Sabotage Pack prompt would sometimes not show properly
• Added messaging to differentiate when a rift is detonated as opposed to it being destroyed
• Added messaging to indicated when the Ghost does not have enough energy to Haunt or Sabotage

• Increased maximum health of Rifts
• Increased fracture damage multiplier for Rifts
• Increased health regen of Rifts
• Increased the amount of Room Haunt gained when detonating a Rift
• The “Extract Rift” prompt no longer displays as an option while the ghost is possessing an object

• Reduced cooldown to minion attacks
• Increased slime and fear caused by minion attacks
• Made improvements to Minion AI
• Fixed a bug that caused minions move sideways and flip upside down when hit by the Particle Thrower beam

• Reduced radius and speed of Toxie’s ‘Shock Pillar’ pulses
• Fixed a bug that caused Toxie’s Shock Pillar activation animation to play when canceling the ability
• Lowered movement speed penalty while using Gnasher’s ‘Arc Cast’ ability
• Increased cooldown of Gnasher’s ‘Arc Cast’ ability

• Added VFX for Howler’s status effect
• Increased cooldown of Shriek’s ‘Scream Wave’ ability
• Increased fear caused by Shriek’s ‘Scream Wave’ ability
• Fixed collision inconsistencies on ‘Scream Wave’ projectiles
• Reduced cooldown to Bramble’s ‘Floating Seeker’ ability
• Reduced health of the Floating Seeker orb
• Reduced explode radius of the Floating Seeker orb
• Reduced duration of the Floating Seeker orb

• Increased cooldown of Squidler’s Throw Object ability
• Fixed a bug that was causing Squidler’s animations to not display properly when picking up large items
• Updated visual effects for the following Basher abilities: Fist Slam, Windmill, and Spectral Barrage

• Updated Ghouly animations
• Increased Tick Rate of Ghouly’s ‘Fear Inferno’ ability
• Reduced cost of Drake’s ‘Possess Human’ ability

• Increased cooldown of Pokey’s ‘Ecto Torpedo’ ability from 8s to 12s
• Reduced maximum charge time for Brainy’s ‘Glob Throw’ ability
• Fixed an issue where Busters could not see the full animation of Brainy’s ‘Glob Throw’
• Increased fear and slime on the initial slam for Winky’s ‘Sludge Puddle’
• Winky’s ‘Sludge Puddle’ slime now increasingly scales the longer a Buster is in the sludge
This Post Contains Spoilers
The Tenure system just... doesn't work like they described XD I did it, I didn't get reset to Tenure 1... I get reset to Tenure 11, my gear, while reset to default, was still max level and all the upgrades I had unlocked prior to Tenure were still there and able to be equipped.

I'll say this, the Ghostbusters got hit HARD. Ghosts are still catchable, but it's a bigger fight now.
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Hang on.

Are you f**** kidding me...preset nametags? I'm not a programmer, but holy hell, that stinks of laziness. How hard could it possibly be to implement a mechanic where we can choose our own names?

This is the first time in a long while I think a patch has moved a game backwards. Ghosts were already almost overpowered and too many games turn into a sprint fest when a player just flies around the map.

This is all coming from someone who has really really enjoyed the game so far, but this patch is like a kick in the balls.

bad job Illfonic. Try again.
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Chicken, He Clucked wrote: December 14th, 2022, 12:25 am I had a game where the ghost changed types (at least visually) during the game. First a ghouly, then blinky, then basher. All in the same match. I was confused.
Could be the player leaving and a new one or a bot taking over maybe?

As for the patch I haven't played it yet outside of getting on quick to check something. My remote trap mod still doesn't work. Unless I'm missing something about how it's meant to function it hasn't worked since launch.
zeta otaku wrote: December 13th, 2022, 4:20 pm I mean, I understand WHY they don't let us enter our own custom tags, it is disappointing. I know it's a small detail, but they definitely did it so people wouldn't mess around with it. Who knows, that might be a thing they add later on in an upcoming patch.
I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be allowed to use your own tag?

Profanity? There are filter lists for that
One time wrote: December 14th, 2022, 7:11 pm Profanity? There are filter lists for that
Profanity can still get through if the person gets creative with the spelling... Just try conceiving of every variation and combination you could have using the word "shit"... The most practical way to police that is just to lock the ability to create unique nametags rather than try to conceive and block every permutation of every popular swear word and offensive epithet.

It's unfortunate, but people on the internet are the reason we can't have nice things.
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Kingpin wrote: December 15th, 2022, 12:29 pm
One time wrote: December 14th, 2022, 7:11 pm Profanity? There are filter lists for that
Profanity can still get through if the person gets creative with the spelling... Just try conceiving of every variation and combination you could have using the word "shit"... The most practical way to police that is just to lock the ability to create unique nametags rather than try to conceive and block every permutation of every popular swear word and offensive epithet.

It's unfortunate, but people on the internet are the reason we can't have nice things.
While I agree and am disappointed at the same time, you can't even read the name tags anyway, so who would know?
Is anyone else having trouble unlocking achievements on the Xbox version? I'm trying to unlock "I don't need these", where I've destroyed all three rifts and won as a ghost 4 times now against bots. Playing against bots doesn't appear to be the issue as every other achievement I've unlocked has been against them, resetting the game and console hasn't made a difference either. Or am I just missing something?
Do it if you're not in the middle of any contracts. That said, there's a semi-common glitch with Tenure. It's SUPPOSED to reset your gear levels to 0 and reset your upgrades and fungus... For me and several others? It did not do that. I tenured, but instead of being level 1, I was level 11, none of my gear reset nor did my fungus. So, yeah, it put all my gear to default, but I could just slap the upgrades right back on... and you may be thinking "oh... okay. Neat." Sure, it's a head start, but now my progression is knee capped. All that extra XP I could be getting is NOT there, so I've got a grind ahead of me.
mrmichaelt wrote: December 16th, 2022, 9:14 pm Like updating the next Windows, I usually wait awhile and I don't install it until the bugs are worked out and it's stable. Imo, I think the same applies to tenure. It will probably take a few patches to get it all worked out.
Sounds like a plan.

I am in the middle of one contract but close to finishing and have just started The Legend Side Hustle.
Guess I'll wait.
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