Pics soon, but I still wanted to start a thread.
I'm going as cost-effective as possible, but also want it to look more screen-accurate, while not imitating any particular buster's pack. This is MY proton pack, not Egon's. Here's what's been done so far, or in the process of being done.

New LC-1 ALICE pack frame by Rothco ($55 Amazon) attached in a way, so the pack will sit on the floor without the use of any stand! I'll most likely just give it away to one of the members of my GB group, Ecto Force Florida.

New Spectra ribbon cable already attached. (GB 2 version, only $6, eBay)

Soldered aux cable to stock speaker - that is plugged into a new Bluetooth speaker w/ aux input ($25 Amazon), hidden behind the kidney pad.

Rechargeable 10,00mAh D cell batteries installed. ($35 w/charger, Amazon)

Pack has already been repainted w/ Rustoleum 2X Flat Black w/ minor weathering.

New tubing - GBHQ shop on Etsy

"New" used resistors for the ion arm - GBHQ shop on Etsy. ($18.00)

New brass fittings, also from GBHQ shop on Etsy. (Will arrive tomorrow, Monday, Jan. 30, 2023)

Hasbro Neutrona wand has new grips installed. (retro bicycle handgrips from eBay)

Stock hose connector that connect pack to neutrona wand has been replaced with 3/4" inner diameter Tetra Pond Tubing, leftover from my homemade pack. (Amazon)

Figure out a way to diffuse the red LEDs without opening the cyclotron cover. (I already have an idea, but it's a work in progress) If that idea works, I will also be diffusing the orange bar graph LEDs on neutrona wand.
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My Haslab proton pack conversion is finally done!

Let there be pictures!

Reflective caution tape for safety reasons:

Closeup of ribbon cable and PPD:


Inside of cyclotron:

Inside of cyclotron lid painted:


Closeup of HGA w/ brass fitting:

Instead of the stock 'v-hooks', I'm using 50lb. (pull) gun magnets on the gun box and nuetrona wand.

Scrolling LED badge Velcro'd on the bottom of the crank generator.
Has several GB related phrases programmed on it.

Look, ma, no stand needed!
Rothco LC-1 ALICE frame attached the way it should be.
No additional drilling was done.
Spitfire7c wrote: October 8th, 2023, 9:56 pm Can you post of picture of the from from the bottom side (frame side), I would like to see where your mounting points are?
I didn't drill any holes into the stock motherboard. I also used the original HasLab fittings to attach the LC-1 frame. I just moved the frame down (vertically, up/down) approximately 1 inch and secured it to the motherboard with the included screws along the vertical === axis. I can post pics when I have the time. :cool:

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