Sorry for opening a new topic as there is already a plethora of information here. However, the search ignores 5xl and adding extra and large has not rendered the desired results.

The suit is for a gentleman in our local chapter. He is partially blind and has a packed schedule while I have some free time so he needs a little help.

My thoughts have been find a suit that offers a tall 5xl (or even a 6xl)... I know that is ridiculously high for a factory-made suit so my idea is to either buy two suits and hand it off to a tailor to custom size it OR get a tailor to scratch build it. Price is not an issue at this time. Nor is time.

I have also considered even commissioning Magnoli for this suit. I know that not only will that cost be very high but also that the waiting list, at the time of this writing is 8 months. I'm just explaining I'm aware of this.

What I would like to know is if there are any avenues I haven't considered (besides just abandoning the idea) or expanding on the options I've already considered or may want to reconsider. Or if there is anyone here who has managed to get a flight suit like this and share how I might be able to acquire one.

Thanks so much!
You may want to check in with Gibson and Barnes who made the suits for GB2 but also offer custom sized flight suits. This may be a more timely answer as Magnoli has great stuff but you may still wait a while to get it.

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