Have you accumulated a huge Ghostbusters Collection? Talk about what you have and show it off!
Here's the bottom line up front: I recently checked out my parents' storage unit for the first time in...oh..forever. My collection of toys and other memorabilia has been packed away for probably 16 years at this point.

You think this is worth something? :D






Maybe I'm imagining it, but I think I've got Ecto-1 and Ecto-1A NIB buried somewhere in there. I haven't inventoried it all in years, but I think I'm about 90-95% complete; I didn't photograph the MOC ghosts or loose items. I think I have both Slimers/Green Ghosts (with the red pack and blue pack), but that could be the Mendela Effect.

F'real, though. Is anybody still collecting these actively? I bought almost everything in the 2003-2004 timeframe when I was a dumb specialist in the Army who didn't understand money, i.e., saving and investing it. Now I'm a dumb major in the Army wishing he'd understood money, i.e., saving and investing, when he was 19.

I'm not looking to sell anything, and I'll probably buy some display cases once I do my final move (and get it all out of storage). Nevertheless, I'm generally curious how gung ho people are with their collecting these days, especially with the Kenner line. I don't remember what I paid for each item, but last time I checked eBay I almost had a heart attack.

Does anyone have a complete or mostly complete collection? Is anyone missing something they're just itching to someday find?

Is anybody trying to SELL their collection? I'm not looking to buy, but I'm curious. I seriously have no idea what the market for vintage GB memorabilia is because almost none of the listings on eBay are auctions. They're all Buy It Now/Best Offer listings, and I don't know if anyone's actually buying or just window gazing.
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I've been wanting to sell my lot (we got a lot of the same Kenner stuff actually!) but haven't really looked into it : https://imgur.com/a/5r98WrN

I don't really want to go list every single thing on Ebay and selling the entire lot only makes sense locally, so I pretty much have all the boxes in the corner of my office and it's just been sitting there. Also a bit worried things may get damaged during transport, if I ship it from Canada to the US for example.

I'd love to sell it to someone who's going to actually ENJOY it, but I can't get myself to post on Kijiji or Facebook because I know I'm going to have to filter low-ball offers.

There's definitely a market for vintage Kenner GB toys (even with the recent Re-Release) but I'm no good at haggling so I couldn't tell you how much it would go for.

Good luck and hope you find the right buyer! You've got quite the collection there.
frankov wrote: January 25th, 2023, 2:51 pm Good luck and hope you find the right buyer! You've got quite the collection there.
It probably got lost in my wordy post, but I'm not actually looking to sell anything for the moment. Eventually I'll get everything out of storage and put it all in my hobby room, but I have to drive to another state for that.

I definitely get not wanting to go through the hassle and haggling. Besides...give it a couple of decades and you'll be on the Antique Road Show lol.
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I have a complete loose collection plus some fan-made pieces. Only thing Kenner I don't have but would like are all of the Ectoplazm ghosts. I'd like to get them one day but it's not really a priority. I really consider myself lucky to have bought them when I did (about 15 years ago) because the prices now are bonkers! I was focusing on buying lots and cherry-picking the mint pieces and i'd resale the rest. I even got all 5 Ecto Glow figures carded for $20 each. There's no way that would happen now. Two of my biggest grail items I still want though that are related are the Filmation Ghostbusters Ghost Command headquarters and I would love to get the 4 Miniland figurines. Those are weird but also awesome pieces! Having some of the oddball Jocsa pieces would be neat to have too. Oh, I am also missing the grey, rear head cushion piece to the Filmation Ghost Buggy. I have been searching for years for that one piece and have never, ever seen it go up for sale by itself.


Pardon the dust. The camera makes it look more prominent than it really is. I'd consider myself still actively collecting but I still look for the deal and rather see the stuff in person. During the pandemic, a toy shop in Los Angeles got in a Ghost Command playset and I was ready to make the trip. A phone call later and the guy wanted $1.5k for one that wasn't complete. Not worth my time or my money.

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