Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
CT1983 wrote: March 28th, 2023, 11:21 am Annnnnd ty very much sir, add to cart… Also, don’t think that Crystal Lake sign in the background went unnoticed; it’s nice to know we live in the same nerdery lol.
Aww, the Crystal Lake sign. The only franchise I love as much as Ghostbusters is the Friday the 13th Franchise. The reflection caught a glimpse of my NECA side of the room that has most of my F13 collection.

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Some more cosmetic modifications to the pack today...
Full aluminum motherboard with holes just for the frame mounting hardware included with the Haslab Spengler Proton Pack:
ImageImageInstalled on the pack:
ImageImageI also installed a real P-Clamp and screws

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Haslab packs have hit retailer BBTS:

$650 ... 239987?o=4
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Having issues with my pack.....

So I've had mine on display in the house for a while - Took it out for an event last weekend and experienced the following issue:

When flipping the three switches on the wand - Bottom Right, then top right, then left (Activate, under the black intensify button)
Upon flipping the third switch the whole unit shuts down.

It happens intermitently, Occasionally works correctly for a minute or two.

I have replaced the Duracell Batteries with fresh energizers.

I reseated the hose connector on both ends.

I tried a hack I saw inserting half a pen spring into each of the two connector holes in the hose end that screws into the wand. That just seemed to cause a shreiking sound.

None of those seemed to work.

I haven't made any mods to this unit - Havent even opened up the backboard.

Since this seems to be a somewhat common problem - I was hoping somebody here has found a solution, or this could be a good place to troubleshoot with smarter brains than mine!

I have contacted HASLAB on email & I'm waiting for a response.
timeware wrote:Pepsi Pefect all over again. Shocking. Bet they'll turn up on e-bay for a thousand bucks at the cheapest. Did they include the slime and mini pufts?
Unclear at this point.

No doubt. I think the average price is 900-1000 on ebay right now.

My inner child is pouting. Another missed opportunity for me. I hope they do another restock at some point but at a later time of the day. They must have data somewhere saying this pack was a success and in-demand.
timeware wrote: December 18th, 2023, 8:34 pm If they got the green slime that would be a Richard move on their part. Wondering if this is a dry run before a public release? Some warning would be nice. Not that I need another pack.
The green slime was an early backer exclusive. Pretty sure these just came with the base stretch goals and nothing more.

And the whole point of HasLab is to NOT release these at retail. If they were going to do that with ANY line it would've been the two Transformers they did this way. Unless they change their HasLab policies, the only way to get these exclusives is through their HasLab program (or wait for the vault to open for their 150th anniversary)
The HasLab packs most likely came with a warranty period (I don't know what it was but I know some were defective and had to be returned/replaced).

So they would have had to keep some extra stock around to cover that. I assume now that warranty period is over, so they just sold off the handful that they had left to free up space in their warehouse. They're going to need that space to store all the trap/pke sets next year :lol:

Maybe they could have done it as a competition. Maybe they could have given them away.
Maybe they could have just sold them to their staff and their friends/family.
Maybe they could have done a large social media campaign and ended up with even more people complaining that they missed out and calling them "disgusting".

Or it was probably less effort to just to put them up for sale on their site so they can get rid of them.
"Hey Bob, I need that shelf cleared by Friday, can you sell those leftover Proton Packs ASAP? Thanks." :lol:
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sapper36 wrote: February 6th, 2024, 1:15 pm Back to the hose issue - I ordered a replacement hose from Chris Hunt on Facebook - Anybody had dealings with him?
I’ve bought a bunch of his parts, including the replacement hose. Nice stuff and Chris is great at responding via Messenger when I have contacted him. Regarding the replacement loom: I will say that the pack side connector took some finessing to thread on my pack, and one of the center pieces cracked. (He provides a total of 3, so I suspect it’s because he knows it’s an issue - I used some e6000 to fix the spare piece)
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