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Farah wrote: March 27th, 2018, 7:00 pm Fritz I've read your story on their wedding. Excellent job and maybe you should write a story on the birth of Eric Stantz.
Thanks for reading, Farah. Yeah, I really should tell that story... :wink:

Note to Everyone Else:
Farah is the writer of a number of stories where Ray married Elaine Fuhrman, and had two kids. It was from her stories that I took the name of my Elaine's adopted kids, CJ and Jules. With her permission, of course. :)
Ghostbusters: Love Songs--Blessed
July 26, 1996--Timeline Year Fourteen
First Ray and Liz were rivals. Then they were allies. Then they were friends. Then they were lovers. A year ago they became spouses. Now a new challenge awaits them, as Ray and Liz become parents.
This is the final chapter of "Love Songs". I hope it's a satisfying end; in addition to the events that are obvious from the description, there's also the clearing up of a small mystery concerning Liz that's been lingering every since her "present day" debut in "Chronicles of Gozer".
There's currently some weirdness going on with the Ectozone.com domain; I keep getting assured it will be fixed soon, but if you have a problem reaching the page you can always change the .com to .net--ectozone.net is the same site.

I have a new story for you, but it's something different. I'm releasing it under the "Tales From The Ectozone" label, because though it takes place in the Ectozone version of the Ghostbusters Universe, there is not a single Ghostbusters canon character in it. There are some familiar characters, who have been seen in stories such as The Zodiac Imperative,Enlightenment, and Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure, but it's not a Ghostbusters story. It's a little bit Dungeons and Dragons-ish if anything (Or maybe that should be Ghosts and Gargoyles...)

I was somewhat inspired in this experiment by Rosey "EGBFan" Collins and her brother Jake, who've been doing an EGB spin-off fan fic series The Riveras, which while it does usually feature at least one canon character in each episode, also spends a lot of time developing their own cast of original supporting characters.

Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part One
alt: Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part One
1992--Timeline Year Ten
On a hellish desert world inhabited by murderous insect-men, the Archmage Fallagar seeks answers to a mystery that has haunted him for many years. Finding those answers will involve a young halfling making his first journey from home, under the care of his uncle and a hulking hobgoblin--if they can survive their encounter with the savage kreen and their vicious "Goblinchild" that is...

I hope you'll give it a look, especially if you liked "Enlightenment" and "Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure"
Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part Two
1992--Timeline Year Ten
Terchi finds himself trapped alone with the Goblinchild, and he may be closer to solving the mystery of Kyrie Wheatberry that he realizes.

Oh, and I actually snuck in mention of a (minor) Ghostbusters canon character in this one :lol:
Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part Three
1992--Timeline Year Ten

The Goblinchild has been revealed as the key to uncovering Kyrie's fate. But the kreen are on their trail, and can even the Archmage's power--compromised as it is by the ruined ectosphere of this cursed world--be enough to resist the song of Xorak?
Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part Four
1992--Timeline Year Ten
The mystery of Kyrie Wheatberry's fate has been answered. But she leaves behind a daughter seeking the answers behind her very existence: what combination of romance and tragedy lead Kyrie to live as a single mother an alien world?

This ends the story proper, but I do have one more dip into the well to kind of unify everything we've learned about Coda and Terchi's origins with their most recent adventures to date. The next story I have planned is a follow up to Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure, which should bring their story to a more definite resolution.

And then after that some stories with actual Ghostbusters in them!
Tales From The Ectozone: Coda And Terchi
March 21, 1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
After five and a half years of tension between them, it seems that something is about to change for Coda Monkeyfang and Terchi Bagwise. But will it be for good or ill?

This follows up on Tales From the Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here and immediately follows the events of Extreme Ghostbusters: Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure, and brings the story of breakout supporting characters (well, at least one of my readers is enthused about them anyway) Coda Monkeyfang and Terchi Bagwise to a resolution, of sorts.

After that, some stories with actual Ghostbusters characters in them, I promise.
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Just before the year of the Ghostbusters thirty-fifth anniversary ends, because I can never do stuff in a timely manner:

Ghostbusters: Thirty Five Years Later
June 8, 2019--Timeline Year Thirty-Seven
The present is the transition point between the past and the future; and perhaps this is more true than ever. As Egon, Janine, and many other Ghostbusters past and present celebrate GBI's success, two similar looking vehicles--one a rusted wreck, one a state of the art high tech marvel--hint at the futures about to unfold in more than one universe.
I get very meta with this one.

A couple of factors came together to inspire this story. The first was of course the Ghostbusters: Afterlife teaser back in January. Second was the fact that we're just two years away from the "future" Ghostbusters becoming the present day Ghostbusters of the Ectozone universe. Throw in a post a while back where Terrace asked about the transition of the ECTO-1 replivehicle, a few other ideas--including an eccentric new character--gelled together to create what I think is a fun transition piece, and an acknowledgement of the stuff to come in the "real" Ghostbusters universe.

Plus, as promised, no hobbits in this one.

I hope you'll find it interesting.
Ghostbusters: Picture Imperfect, Part One
January 1989--Timeline Year Seven
While Venkman and Winston are out of town, Egon and Ray get a call from the Manhattan Museum of Art, site of Vigo the Carpathian's recent defeat. Janine, meanwhile, finds herself questioning a lot of her recent activities while Ghostbusters' newest hire, Louis Tully, gets a surprise of his own.
Ghostbusters: Picture Imperfect, Part Two
January 1989--Timeline Year Seven
Venkman and Winston are back, and the mystery of the new Vigo painting deepens as everyone's lives get more complicated. Decisions must be made and secrets must be revealed before the Ghostbusters can truly move forward again.
This Post Contains Spoilers
Anyway, I hope you find it interesting, and once again, sorry it took so long to get part 2 done. For the first and last time, I'll just blame it on "Because 2020"
The Future Is Now.

June 8, 2021 marks thirty-seven years since opening of the movie Ghostbusters, the singular event from which two cartoon series, numerous comic books, two more movies (with a third already in the can and ready to be released as soon as it's safe to do so), as well as various web sites like this one sprang.

But for the Ectozone in particular, June 8, 2021 means the future has arrived.

Back in 2003 I wrote the fan fic Future Shocks, set not long after the RGB episode "Robo-Buster" and having a time-travel element which I used to introduce the Ghostbusters of the far-off year of 2023. In hindsight, it was basically my "mission statement"--a lot of the stories I've written since then showed just how the Ectozone universe/timeline 8932 unfolded to lead to that future. A few years later, I began the origin story of the 2023 Ghostbusters, The Eye of Aretpo. The majority of which took place on June 8, 2021.

So yeah, like I said, the Future Is Now.

With this in mind, earlier this year I took a look at some of the existing material on the 202X team, and did some light editing and overhauling of it, not to mention fixing some bugs in the rendering of some puncutation marks that had somehow cropped up over the years. Nothing major, just little references that dated back from times before the timeline had fully gelled into it's more-or-less "final" form. The main ones are the aforementioned "Future Shocks" and "Eye of Aretpo", with the important Gemini Rising also seeing a few nips and tucks (and I actually fought off the temptation to do more, particularly to that one).

Along with that, the Ghostbusters New York profile pages have been updated. The status of the members of Team Extreme and the 202X characters has been updated, and along with that pages for Marie Lupin and TJ Anderson have been added.

I contacted Kingpin recently, asking him for permission to host a story of his on this site. That story, which features the 2023 team, is now available here:

Extreme Ghostbusters: Separated At Rebirth, Part One
September 2003--Timeline Year Twenty-One
20 years have passed and the Ghostbusters are about ready to celebrate the company's big 20. However, an old enemy from the past is sure to throw a spanner in the works... Guess Who's Back?

Extreme Ghostbusters: Separated At Rebirth, Part Two
September 2003--Timeline Year Twenty-One
The original Ghostbusters and the Extreme Ghostbusters are up against the wall. What surprising, and strangely familiar, group of Ghostbusters will they call upon for help?

But that's not all!!!

When I started the update process, I found myself inspired. We know all about the history of the Spengler Twins and Eric Stantz, and quite a lot of the history that brought Marie Lupin into being...so maybe, I thought, it would be a great time to put a slight bit of spotlight to the background of the 202X team's most mysterious member:

Ghostbusters 2021: Born To The Purple
June 2021--Timeline Year Thirty-Nine
Five days ago, Scotland Yard Occult Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Tessa Jane Anderson arrived in New York on an investigation of a mysterious death by zombies. She soon found herself facing the attempted return of a dark god, at the side of three second generation Ghostbusters and the daughter of a werewolf. They saved the world. Now, Inspector Anderson returns to her London home...no longer quite as certain where she is meant to be.

And I'm already at work on another 202X story, which among other things will wrap up one little dangling reference going all the way back to "Future Shocks". I hope I'll have it ready soon.

I hope you'll give it all a look.

And thank you as always for sticking with me.
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A new story! This one features a strange mix of characters from three different teams, only one of which is from official Sony material, but after I had a story idea, I put the team together in my mind with a bunch of gags that came out of some of their situations, so here we go:

Ghostbusters International: The Werewolf of Notre-Dame, Part One
September 2022--Timeline Year Forty
Paris has been safe from the supernatural for the last thirty-seven years. Until now. GBI sends an eclectic ad hoc team to investigate--is a werewolf just a werewolf, or is there something wrong with the Eiffel Tower?
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Ghostbusters: When I'm Sixty-Four
November 21, 2021--Timeline Year Thirty-Nine
A song on the radio inspires Professor Egon Spengler to muse about his life on the occasion of his sixty-fourth birthday.
I was looking at the calendar a few weeks ago, and realized that GBOT Egon was about to have his sixty-fourth birthday. As the Beatles wrote a song with the name "When I'm Sixty Four" it inspired a brief story piece, where Egon gets contemplative.
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Ghostbusters International: The Werewolf of Notre-Dame, Part Three
September 2022--Timeline Year Forty
Well, the ad hoc GBI team's found the werewolf. Now the big question is--can they survive long enough to find out why it's terrorizing Notre-Dame?

Spoilery explanation of the story to follow:
This Post Contains Spoilers
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So a couple years ago I put out the story Thirty-Five Years Later, inspired by the Ghostbusters: Afterlife teaser. It basically suggested how the movie is going to fit into the Ectozone's Multiverse, by introducing the movies-only timeline 681. Well, now that the movie has been released (a year and a half later than planned) and we've all proccessed it, time for Deek's follow-up report to Professor Ulforce...

Tales From The Ectozone: Deek's Report
2022--Timeline Year Forty
It's hard to shock the Chronicler of Realities and a Chronomancer, but recent events in timeline 681 have done just that.
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Ghostbusters 2022: Panther-Panther Burning Bright
September 2022--Timeline Year Forty
With two of their teammates in France, it would seem that Eric, John, and Eden would seem to be having an easy time of it. Yeah, but with a rap concert attended by a mummy and a mysterious magical cat, that's not gonna last.

Sorry it took so long. This was another story that I had the idea for a few years ago, but wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to orchestrate it. My first outlines had a lot of differences than the final version, though the core story of Eric meeting Panther-Panther was there; it's about the only part that made it intact. There were different characters involved with the events around the magical cat, including one I'm still dearly wanting to get introduced, but I decided that it'd be a better story without shoehorning that person in. They'll show up at some point, though.

Part of the difference came from my work on "The Werewolf of Notre-Dame". I set some stuff up there, and realized that using "Panther-Panther" to set up some more of it made more sense than introducing otherwise nonsequitur characters.

A big difference in my usual system is that I decided to wait until the story was done to release it, and instead of chapters I put it out all at once. I just felt that the last couple multi-chapter stories I've done might have flowed better as one complete narrative instead of putting it out in pieces where not much happened the first one or two; the downside is waiting longer to have something to show you, I know, but I hope the wait was somewhere in the vicinity of worth it.
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Ghostbusters 2022: When The Zephyr Lilies Bloom
October 2022--Timeline Year Forty
Eric Stantz is confused by his mysterious connection to the magic cat Panther-Panther, and reaches out the one person who may be able to shed some light on origin of that strange bond: the wizard Lady Enlightenment. Or ask Eric knows her, "Mom."

As you might gather, it's a follow-up to Panther-Panther Burning Bright, but I also have some fun with some other stuff in it. My brother Ogre helped with a few of the jokes, so if you find one you like give him the credit!
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Ghostbusters 2021: Playtime
by Fritz Baugh and EGB Fan
July 2021--Timeline Year Thirty-Nine
The new team of Ghostbusters goes on their first official case!

The story was born, in part, out of some discussions EGB Fan and I had years ago about a couple of characters of just about the same age having been raised in the same place, and whether that should mean we should give them a connection. Rosey wrote up a great scene defining that, and giving me some great new details about one of the new (Ectozone) Ghostbusters' backstory, so I knew I had to write a longer story around it.

The idea I had was to give us a look at the 202X team's first official case, with a problem inspired by an enemy I'd been thinking of using in a now-dead Pathfinder 2 campaign.

I hope you'll enjoy it despite the long time it took to be finished.
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Ghostbusters 2023: The Monster of Lungbarrow, Part One
October 2023--Timeline Year Forty-One
TJ Anderson has returned home to London--but she's not making the journey alone. And what does the recent grave robbery in an Earl's family plot have to do with it?
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Ghostbusters 2023: The Monster of Lungbarrow, Part Two
October 2023--Timeline Year Forty-One
So why are John and TJ in England, anyway? And what is up with Ahagotsu's new "friend" Doctor Vidius?

Check out a larger version of the whimsical splash picture at my Deviantart

And because Kingpin graciously allowed me to use his GBUK character in the story, there's a brand new picture of Ben Jr. on the Ectozone's GBUK page
Ghostbusters 2023: The Monster of Lungbarrow, Part Three
October 2023--Timeline Year Forty-One
It's the birthday party for TJ's uncle, Sylvester Cadonfloyd. Emotions run high. Passions flare. A prodigal relative returns. A shocking dark secret is revealed.
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A larger version of the splash picture is at my Deviantart:
https://www.deviantart.com/ectozone/art ... 1003432630

And a fake "cover" featuring Bombie the Zombie, a tribute not only to RGB's classic monster action figure, but with a little Carl Barks mixed in (including the name Bombie)
https://www.deviantart.com/ectozone/art ... 1003768058
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