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By mrmichaelt
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By mrmichaelt
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Kenner Fright Features have shown up on shelves at a Target in Union, New Jersey ... e-shelves/

The Fright Features Phoebe, Trevor, Callie, and blaster are on Amazon for $10 and 29 ... B0CFYXTZV5

EDIT: Huh? When did this info in red show up...
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By 910dohead
Anyone have any UPC's yet?

5010996217158 - Venkman
5010996217165 - Spengler
5010996217172 - Zeddemore
5010996217141 - Stantz
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By Ectojeff88
Is anyone else a little worried there are no figures of other characters yet? Or maybe we just have a few because these are leaked/early releases before Hasbro’s official announcement?
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By Kingpin
The lack of some characters in the Pop Vinyl range is surprising... But I guess Ray, Gary and Phoebe may be the most significant characters in the new film, hence why they were picked for the limited Pop Vinyl roster.

Hopefully we'll see more of the cast represented in the Frozen Empire range of Plasma series figures.
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By mrmichaelt
Could just be the disorganization of these toys being released and/or these are all just Wave 1s and the other characters will have figures, too.
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By hawkbatsquadron
There may be even greater packaging/figure spoilers with the other figures. I don't know for certain but it seems likely.
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By mrmichaelt
Emily Bader revealed the Kenner Fright Feature re-issues are Target exclusive (so not listed online) until April then they will be available at other retailers and online. ... ilability/

Hm, original post was deleted. Luckily, Jason saved it. ... exclusive/

Here's a breakdown of the blind box key codes to help sort out the randomness to get the figure you want. ... 4961336548
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By Chicken, He Clucked
I'm liking the blind box Slimers. Much better quality than the Afterlife blind boxes.

And I'll potentially double-dip on the Fright Features though I still have my OG Ray, Peter & Janine. Plus I bought a boxed Egon off ebay a few years back.

Not feeling the rest of the line and especially this Slimer sculpt so far. I'm an RGB Slimer guy, though.
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By mike_waclo
Do all of the Fright Features figures have a diagonal strip of packing tape over the bottom-right corner by design? It's on the two I found at Target, and I thought maybe someone unpacking the shipment had done it, but now I noticed you can see it in the product pictures above with the SKU numbers, too.
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By 910dohead
I had to go to three different Target locations yesterday but I lucked out in finding complete waves including the Ecto-1. It was also evident that Target stores are only getting one set of these at a time (if even that). The first location I went to had only the Ecto-1 and Fright Features Ray. Location 2 had nothing on their shelves. Location 3 only had a full set of Frozen Empire figures with an extra Phoebe (two Phoebe's per case?) and a Fright Features Egon. I decided to go back to location 2 to inquire if they had any in the back. They did but they only had two which just happened to be Peter and Winston. I got very lucky. I still want to find another full set of the Fright Features to open. The prices for them on eBay are ridiculous. Try and find these at retail if you can.


Yeah, the Kenner Fright Features do have a random piece of tape for whatever reason in each of the bottom-right corners. I think it's to prevent the corners from getting damaged in shipping so they have less retail returns? Either that or it's to prevent the bubble raising away from the blister card. Hasbro has been getting super cheap with the materials used in their blister cards to where they warp and bend horrifically. If you bought any of the Indiana Jones or Star Wars retro figures, you'll know what I mean.


Also, I noticed that Peter's Fright Features packaging doesn't entail the choking warning. Is this another example of an early on change to the packaging? Like how the first wave of Kenner Classics had the "Who Ya Gonna Call?" tagline on the blister, but was removed in their second pressings and onward?

I still think it's pretty cool that they decided to re-make the Kenner Real Ghostbusters line. I mean I would love to see them get creative with it to where they were to possibly create ghosts from the cartoon we never got or even say Egon's Lab that never materialized. I don't see that happening though. If they ditched out on making Fright Features Janine, you can tell they're playing it very safe and only interested in cashing in on our nostalgia. Cool, but also a bummer.
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By Fritz
Found three of the new "basic" figures--Trevor, Phoebe, and Gary--at a local Target. Didn't get Trevor for now, because he is, indeed, the exact same figure as the GBAL FF figure except he has a nametag.

Also confirmed: Gary uses the same body as the GBAL FF OG Ghostbusters, and Phoebe uses Lucky's. New head sculpts, though, because she's aged and Gary's new to the line.
By Coover5
I'm absolutely loving this era of Real Ghostbusters toys. Not only was I able to find the new Fright Features on eBay for a reasonable price (so much so I got duplicates) but seeing them in stores brings me back to my childhood. Also, in my eBay exploration I've found how cheap the Hasbro reproductions have gotten which has let me fill up my ectos with Busters.
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By Heroic35
I have been slowly gathering the FF retros. Man, there is just something special about seeing them sitting on the pegs at the store. I have two left to go.

The Hasbro FE figures have me at 3 out of the 4. I think I am still waiting on Grooberson. I found him as my first figure but passed on him at that time. Kinda odd how that all breaks down isn't it?

I want to get more of the Containment Unit blind boxes but even with the "key" to what figure is in what, I just haven't pulled the trigger. We have one and it's a solid figure with my wife and daughter both loving it. It just hasn't grabbed me yet.
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