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By ProtonPack83
ProtonPack83 wrote: January 17th, 2023, 8:12 pm Inevitably waiting for Hasbro to finally start releasing some new gear around this pack. They've had a TON of time to prepare for it - I'm really doing to be disappointed if they stop at the pack or simply wait eons until the new movie actually comes out. The 84' Wand should be high on their priority list, especially since they can now design it to talk to the pack even better and send the sounds of the wand THROUGH the pack, unlike the Spengler wand. Fully expecting a trap and PKE with the taser mode in the near future...but I've never seen Hasbro be timely in the modern era - go figure.
Quoting myself because it's been a year since I've been on here and all of this came true lol - the 84 Wand is a bit of a letdown though. They shouldn't have simply reskinned it and SHOULD have given us something new, namely the twist grip feature to pop out the tip of the thrower. Still glad that it exists....ordered mine last week, sucks I have to wait till March for shipping, but I'll take it.
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