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By GMartin58
Hello GB Fans!! I'm Greg, a 40+ year broadcasting veteran, now retired. I've been into cosplay for a few years and have fairly nice 1966 Green Hornet outfit. I'm a big Hornet fan and have a lovely young lady that travels with me as Mulan Kato from a comic book series!

Back in 2010 our adult son started putting together a GB outfit and we spent a few weeks building a proton pack from scratch. There weren't a lot of options at the time plus his time and budget were limited so we cobbled together some bits and bobs in the garage...stuck it to an Alice frame and he won numerous contests. His uniform was pretty spot on. Over the years he would wear it to private functions and public Halloween events, always getting high praise. Sadly, in 2019, he lost his battle with alcohol and depression. All the gear was packed away so his son would have it when he grew up.

Now, 4 1/2 years later, his son is almost as tall as he was but as a sophomore in high school he's not so into wearing the suit and I've recently taken it back. I'm not nearly as tall as my son but I can make the suit work and I've just ordered a SpiritHalloween proton pack since his original one is beginning to fall apart (although we will box it up for safe-keeping). This is the year that I will become a GHOSTBUSTER! (and the Green Hornet)!

Looking for an other GH fans in SE Washington State! Thanks for having me here. -GM
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